Shy Love outs one of her own girls to her family and fucked up her life!

Valentina Paradis

This is Elizabeth Jolie. She started in the industry as Valentina Paradis in 2015. She didn’t stay in the industry for long though because the guy who originally scouted her, was going to move her to another agency. Shy Love then outed her to her very religious family. Elizabeth Jolie’s parents are Mexican and devout Catholic. All to get revenge because the girl wanted to leave her agency.




Who outs their own talent? Shy Love does!

Does that really surprise anyone though considering she’s been outing porn star’s real name for months now – those who work with people she doesn’t like. How fucking disgusting is that?

Fast forward to 2016. Shy Love contacts the girl and tells her that it was that guy who originally scouted her that outed her to her family but that she could protect her identity by changing her name and telling everyone she was from Spain instead of being Mexican.

Of course porn fan’s aren’t stupid. They recognized her fight away, even with her new name and light blue contacts.

Shy Love lied to this girl just to get her to come back. Shy Love knew the fans would find her old name and out her. But she didn’t care.

The worst part of it is, Shy Love her own agent outed her to her family in the first place.




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