Sick cunt hate monger Monica Foster uses tragedy to push her narrative

So once again a tragedy happens when some sick asshole goes postal in Las Vegas and kills a bunch of people who are just out having fun and sick cunt Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers jumps for joy and uses the event to come up with all kinds of racially based conspiracy theories. This waste of life really keeps outdoing herself every time this happens and it’s great that she posts all her sick shit on social media for everyone to see. Never will she get a job, a boyfriend or hired for any type of XXX project which, no matter how hard she tries to convince people otherwise, is what she really wants. It really chaps her ass that she can’t make money off her sexuality when other women do it with flying colors. Hence the reason she is still doing phone sex and web cam shows even though she claims to be retired from sex work although any man who is paying for this shit isn’t a man at all but a little weakling that is supporting a terrorist, racist and hate mongering cunt and enabling her.

Could Foster be next to go off and kill a bunch of people who are just out enjoying themselves? Well, it is very easy to get firearms in her home state of Florida but it is unlikely that she will ever go through with anything like this even though she wants to because she is a gutless coward.

We have likened Foster to Elliot Rodger, an Asian loner that lusted after white blonde women and when he couldn’t get one, he shot many innocent college students and then offed himself. Similarly, Foster is highly attracted to feminine and young looking white men but will never score with one of these much younger men who wouldn’t even look her way if they passed her on the street especially when she wears retarded looking bicycle helmets when riding. You aren’t riding in a triathlon, moron, there is absolutely no reason you need a helmet for a casual ride. She will be able to take getting ignored by these men for only so long before gravity takes over and renders her an old maid and then the gun and ammo stores should put her on their do not sell to lists because she will lose it soon after. Although she is likely to attack in a more cowardly manner such as with acid as she has threatened to do in the past.

Note that she will never mention black on black crime such as what goes on in Chicago every single night nor will she bring up other hate crimes that blacks commit such as the black man in Tennessee that shot up a church. This just goes by the wayside to her as she is focused like a laser on things that can help her push her bullshit narrative that blacks are somehow oppressed in this country – even after 8 years of a black President, voted in by whites as blacks are only 13% of the country and are simply not a big enough part of the population to make any kind of difference in anything. She does this to help her come to terms with the complete and total wasteland her life has become and will continue to be until she owns up to things and stops blaming everyone else.

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