Sinister X Syndicate’s Crew Cultivates 17 Nightmoves Nominations

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Nightmoves announced nominations for the upcoming 20th Anniversary of their Nightmoves Awards, and members of Sinister X Syndicate have amassed a whopping 17 nominations. As Sinister X Syndicate looks to release its first feature under the new company banner, Birds of Prey XXX in the next two weeks, Syndicate soldiers’ past work has been honored and appreciated with the announced nominations.

While the nominations all come under the banner of various other production companies, there is no denying the impact Sinister X Syndicate has on the business, as just about every project Sinister X worked on last year has been nominated, giving those companies a rub and a boost, based off the hard work of Sinister X and his crew.

Sinister X himself was nominated twice in the Best Director category, both for his work as Sinister X, and also his alter ego General Stone. When asked how he felt about the nominations, Sinister X had this to say.

“It’s always great to be appreciated for your hard work and efforts, and I’m very proud of all the work we did last year. It’s just a shame that it was work for other people who didn’t show appreciation for what we created. It says a lot when just about every project I did is nominated, not to mention the work of my crew. I mean there is even a nomination there for Best Production Company. Too bad all the work was mine and my guys, and some other guy gets credit and gets to build off my excellence.”

With nominations for Best Parody in the Comedy, Super Hero and Drama categories, nominations for Best Director and Best Production Company, is very well represented. Sinister X Syndicate co-owner Tom Byron also nabbed nominations, both as talent, and for his work on movies in the Best Feature Production category.

Finally, the newly amassed roster of Sinister X Syndicate talent proves that they are the best in the business with James Deen, Tom Byron and Evan Stone all getting nominations for Best Male Performer, while Snow White XXX‘s Alexis Ford nabbed her own for Best Overall Body.

Things can only get bigger and better for the Syndicate, as in 2013 all these award nominations will be under the company name of what they should be, Sinister X Syndicate.

For a complete listing of the nominations you can head to

A listing of all Sinister X Syndicate nominations can be seen below.

Male Performer — 3
James Deen
Tom Byron
Evan Stone

Best Director Parody — 2
Sinister X
General Stone

Best Overall Body — 1
Alexis Ford

Best Feature Production — 2
Love or Lust (DreamZone) – Tom Byron edited and scored
Runaway(Vivid) – Tom Byron starred

Best Parody Comedy — 2
Mork and Mindy (DreamZone) – Lizzy Borden directed. Evan Stone starred
Star Wars XXX (Vivid) – Tom Byron starred

Best Parody Super Hero — 4
Captain America XXX (Extreme Comixxx) Sinister X directed
Superheroine 3D (Extreme Comixxx) Sinister X directed
Supergirl Parody XXX (Extreme Comixxx) Sinister X directed
WonderWoman Interactive (Extreme Comixxx) Sinister X directed

Best Parody Drama — 2
Taxi Driver XXX – (Pleasure Dynasty) General Stone directed, Tom Byron edited and scored
Training Day XXX – (Pleasure Dynasty) General Stone directed, Tom Byron edited and scored

Best Production Company — 1
Extreme Comixxx – Sinister X created

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