research shows that sex toys make people live longer

But why is it you might choke choke to death if you swallow one?

OLATHE, KS – research shows that people who use sex toys live better and longer. Regular active sex is a regular physical activity that strengthens the heart, burns calories and exercises muscles. This is the most pleasant type of fitness that costs you absolutely nothing.

There has been an increase in the demand of sex toys because of intensive lifestyles and the pressures of career over pleasure. People now have less time on their hands to indulge in sexual pleasures. Sex has been affected by the pressures of work.

“We believe that people who use sex toys are happier than people that don’t. Because of that developed this research to prove that when you use sex toys it makes your life better.” said Jerome Daniels, Sexpedia Director of

Sex toys are in great demand nowadays, but still not everyone is indulging. The reason being they focused on being more attractive than they by dressing better. They want themselves to look sexier than what they are, instead of experiencing unrestrained pleasure with sex toys.

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