Sladewski Suspect Says He’ll Take a Lie Detector

from – Paula Sladewski’s boyfriend, Kevin Klym, is open to taking a lie detector test in the murder of the Playboy video model.

Sladewski’s burning body was discovered in a Miami dumpster Sunday night.

“This is unbelievable… unreal,” Klym told CBS News’ Crimesider, but quickly referred CBS to his attorney Marc Beginin.

“Kevin is devastated,” Beginin said Wednesday night. “He is fully cooperative with law enforcement…and has met with police four times.”

North Miami police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas confirmed that Klym was cooperating with investigators, although he did not say how many times they met.

“He’s considered a person of interest as would anyone who last saw her alive,” he said.

Klym’s attorney says his client has nothing to hide.

“We are talking with law enforcement about the possibility of Kevin doing a polygraph to clear his name,” he told Crimesider.

According to Beginin, Klym got into an argument with Sladewski Sunday night at Club Space in Miami. He left and went to his hotel to sleep. She stayed at the club.

He believes there should be hotel video which confirms his story.

Sladewski was last seen at the all-night club at 7 a.m., according to Det. Cuevas.

Fourteen hours later, at 9 p.m., her still burning body was found in a North Miami dumpster.

It was so horribly burned, police could not identify her until Tuesday, when they used dental records.

Shortly after the body was found, Klym filed a missing persons report with the Miami police in which he said he last saw Sladewski at 9 a.m. The report says he noticed she was very drunk and asked her to leave, but she refused and began shouting. Bouncers intervened and threw Klym out, according to his statement.

He said she was wearing a short blue dress, black 6″ heels and he hasn’t seen her since. The report also says Sladewski has a piercing above her buttocks.

Beginin says Klym was frantic when Sladewski did not show up Sunday morning. He says he handed out missing person fliers and called Sladewski’s family, the morgue and a private investigator, before finally filing the missing person’s report.

“Based on what he has done, I don’t believe he should be a person of interest,” Beginin said. “But it is understandable that anybody who was with a victim the night she disappeared would make that list.”

Slawdewski, originally from Michigan, lived with Klym in Michigan and California. The two had been dating for 18 months, according to Klym.

Slawdewski dreamed of a career in modeling, but never quite made it big. The missing person’s report listed her occupation as “stripper.” Her stepfather, Richard Watkins, confirmed that she danced to make money.

Her family says she was proud of her appearance in the 2003 video “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search,” and excited for the future. A former boyfriend, David Coleman, said that she loved her association with Playboy, had a collection of Playboy bunnies and painted her kithen pink.

Sladewski and Klym were visiting Sladewski’s sister, Kelly Farris, during the holiday week. Her body is being flown back to Michigan for a close casket funeral.

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