Slain Brooke Phillips [aka Hayden Brooks] Had “Fuck You” Tattooed Inside Her Mouth

from – Gorgeous prostitute-turned-reality TV star Brooke Phillips, who was discovered fatally shot and burned almost beyond recognition in an Oklahoma City house last week, had a special way to address her critics without having to say a word.

“Brooke has a odd tattoo inside her mouth. It read ‘F*** you’,” a source close to the investigation told

Phillips’ relatives said that anytime the reality TV prostitute would get upset, she would pull her lip down. is following this case closely, as Oklahoma police interview family and friends of the slain reality star, who was pregnant at the time of her murder.

“Brooke’s aunt has been quite helpful in the investigation,” police told

Brooke hit the big time when, as a prostitute at Nevada’s legal brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, she was featured on the HBO reality show, Cathouse.

“Brooke contacted me two years ago,” Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof told in an exclusive interview. “It was her dream to come work here and be on HBO’s Cathouse. She got to fulfill those wishes.”

Reality shows and murder are unfortunately going hand-in-hand lately: Former reality star Brian Lee Randone is accused of killing adult film star Felicia Tang and swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore was brutally murdered by reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins who later killed himself.

Hof described Phillips, who worked under the name “Hayden Brooks” as the Miss Congeniality of his brothel. “She had a great personality. Everybody loved her and she loved playing Scrabble with the girls. She was just the best.”

Brooke was one of four victims found in the Oklahoma City building Monday. After the Medical Examiner finished his investigation it was revealed that Brooke and another victim, Millie Barrera, were both pregnant and had both been shot to death before the one story brick building was set ablaze. The police have now added the two unborn babies to the list of victims, taking the murder count to six.

Brooke came to Hof last month with the news she was pregnant.

“She was really excited about it,” he told “We talked about her taking time off for the pregnancy and to have the baby, and then coming back to work. We never discussed who the father was. Brooke didn’t seem to care. This was her baby and she was thrilled about it.

“The Bunnys were already planning to throw her a baby shower,” the brothel owner told

Phillips died from a single gunshot wound. Her baby was due late spring.

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