Smash Pictures Goes All Condom; Says Sales Are Stronger Than Ever

I saw a story on recently that I wanted to talk about. Smash Pictures has announced that they are going all condom.

It’s kinda funny that it was only reported in XBIZ and not AVN. When it comes to porno politics, XBIZ is sorta the neutral player, even though they have loose associations with Free Speech Coalition and the regime in power. They are not as blatantly corrupt as AVN and I have to give Alec Helmy credit for that.

So Smash Pictures is officially all condom. They’ve been that way for six months. They haven’t made a big deal out of bragging about it. Performer safety and following the law is basically something you’re supposed to do. When you drive to your friend’s house you don’t brag to him that you did the speed limit getting there. You don’t brag to people that you didn’t rape any women or rob any banks today. There are things you do that are just the correct thing to do and you don’t brag about them.

With all of the discussion going on regarding AB 1576, the people at Smash Pictures decided to share the fact that they’ve been all condom for six months and it hasn’t affected their sales and no fans have complained about them. Their last four releases “Doctor MILF,” “Daddy’s Home 2” and “American Hustle XXX: Porn Parody” and of course the Donald Sterling parody “Owner Gets Clipped” have reflected the new policy.

The press release went up on XBIZ on Thursday. Now I know when somebody has a press release they send it everywhere, to all of the media outlets. XBIZ is the only one I know of who has put up this story. AVN got the press release, but didn’t put it up. They didn’t put it up because it flies in the face of everything that Mark Kernes, Diane Duke, Peter Acworth, Lorelei Lee, etc. have been saying. Now Smash Pictures is added to a list that includes Wicked Pictures, Axel Braun and Porno Dan. Companies that are using condoms and having better sales than ever. Using condoms hasn’t affected one iota of their bottom line. They don’t have talent complaining about chafed vaginas on Smash Pictures’ sets. This all flies in the face of the regime of corruption.

It’s amusing that AVN would not print this. They act as if this press release doesn’t exist. So now this minority that is in power will ignore Smash Pictures when they talk about how condoms will kill business and companies are moving and pussies are being wounded. They will now ignore another company that proves this to be false. They ignore Wicked, they ignore Axel Braun and Porno Dan and now they will ignore Smash Pictures.

I’ve said this before, but it seems that the industry is being held hostage by a small minority who claim to speak for the majority of the business. Diane Duke is leading this crusade for Peter Acworth and seem to be the only ones involved in this battle. Look at who they appointed the defacto spokesperson: Lorelei Lee, who is aligned with, a woman who auctions torture sessions to the highest bidder for

I’ve asked before why Jessica Drake doesn’t represent talent in the condom fight. I’ve heard that the new mantra is that she’s being paid not to. This again flies in the face of the argument that condoms don’t sell because if they didn’t Wicked wouldn’t be able to pay Jessica Drake to keep mum. If you say that a company is paying performers to shut up about condoms that means that the company is making a shitload of money. If the non condom company’s side was making more money than the condom company’s side they would be able to pay the condom performer to come over to their side and talk about how condoms chafe their pussies. Apparently condom companies are doing well enough to be able to pay their performers enough not to defect to the other side and talk about their wounded pussies. If you say that Jessica Drake is silent because she’s getting paid, doesn’t that mean that the condom company is successful enough to be able to pay her? If not, why doesn’t pay her more money to work without condoms?

If you want to see why there are performers who take the stance of Peter Acworth and, take a look at the website. Chanel Preston. Take a look at her Twitter feed, see who she’s been working for the most. Look at the talent who are the most vocal in the anti condom fight and look at who they work for. All these people who talk about Cameron Bay and try to discredit her and say she’s being paid to say what she does. Who do you think is paying Lorelei Lee to say what she says? Is Lorelei Lee getting paid or did I miss something?

All of the people who try to discredit Wicked and Jessica Drake and people who are being paid. What about Lorelei Lee? You think she’s doing all of this out of the goodness of her fucking heart? She’s getting paid! Lorelei Lee is an employee of She’s not speaking for the better good of the business. She’s speaking because she has an opportunity to be beaten for 40 grand on like in the movie Hostel. Chanel Preston works for on a regular basis. The people who go around fighting AB 1576 aren’t feature players at Wicked. Alex Chance ain’t no feature player at Wicked. She’s not starring in an Axel Braun movie.

These people are employed by You morons have the audacity to accuse other people of taking money? To the point of accusing politicians. “They’re just going where the money is.” That’s how politics is played, assholes. Forget porn. Look at all the other legislation out there. That’s how politics works, dummies. You shouldn’t be mad at the system, you should be mad at the regime of Diane Duke, Peter Acworth and John Stagliano for not doing their fucking jobs. Their jobs are to do what the old timers did and that is to protect the business. But this regime never protected the business, they only protected their own financial interests. They sat there and said, “Well, if we do these things, there’s gonna be less money for us.”

You people are mad at the game instead of the players. The game has been around for hundreds of years. The game eventually allowed porn to become legal. Because you have people in charge who don’t know how to play the game is why the industry is where it is. Let’s face it, the only reason Free Speech Coalition exists is because it’s funded by people like Peter Acworth and John Stagliano. AVN is a propaganda tool that exists only to put out one message and it is the message of the minority. The minority regime is what is dooming this business. The more you let people like Peter Acworth and Diane Duke speak for this industry, the more you are spelling its doom.

This is a great industry. It’s been around for 40-50 years. It deserves better than what it’s getting. There are still ways to adapt and make something out of what is left. All it takes is innovation and leadership. The industry has always adapted, from theaters to videocassettes to DVD to internet. The next frontier is what can’t be stolen and that is live interactive delivery. Productions that are delivered via streaming like Netflix. What we need to do is get rid of the minority regime of Peter Acworth, Diane Duke and others who have destroyed it and replace them with innovators like Axel Braun.

Take this industry back and make it be the industry of Russ Hampshire, of Eddie Wedelstadt, of Lenny Friedlander. Be the people who stood up and said this is the way things should be done. There is a right way and there is a wrong way and even though we’re not perfect, we’re gonna try to do things the right way. Anything is better than what we have now.

Take pride in this industry. Take back this industry. Take back what some of us have been involved with for 20-30 years and some of us have fought for and gone to prison for. Take it back from these sons of bitches.

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