Smell Her: Model Monica Gambee Turned Down “The Canyons” When She Heard James Deen Was Involved

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from – Porn star James Deen has been singing his co-star Lindsay Lohan’s praises after filming intense ‘love scenes’ with her on set for ‘The Canyons’.

The beefy actor was thoroughly impressed by Lindsay’s commitment to her new role in producer Braxton Pope’s new movie.

Granted, the film is about sex and ambition among 20-somethings in Los Angeles, so she shouldn’t have to dig too deep to play the part!

James Deen was nonetheless impressed by the ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ star’s acting skills. Could she have finally turned over a new leaf?

He said in a recent blog post: “My favorite part of the day was sitting with Lindsay Lohan (who is amazing) and our director Paul Schrader (who is also amazing) and planning out how we would shoot our love scenes in the movie.

“Doing porn is easy,” he continued. “(But) the sex scenes in the movie are obviously not particularly sexual scenes. They are plot driven story intensive scenes. The point of all this is that the three of us talked about how each shot was going to go and the choreography of each scene. We talked for a long time about it and even used props.” Props? Tell us more!

Director Schrader meanwhile commented that he’d initially approached model Monica Gambee to play the lead but she’d turned it down after finding out Deen was the co-star:

“[Our producer] Braxton had approached Lindsay Lohan’s manager about the possibility of Lindsay playing a cameo, but when we met with her at the Chateau Marmont she said she’d like to play the lead,” he commented.

“Braxton and I were quite blunt, explaining we were paying for this ourselves and had no completion insurance and were uncomfortable with her track history. I told her that if she agreed to the micro budget salary did a screen test and completed Liz and Dick on schedule, we’d consider her.”

Sounds like Lindsay really fought her corner!

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