Sneak Peek: Shauna Sand Exposed

from – If you are unfamiliar with Shauna Sand, then you must not read very many celebrity gossip sites. Shauna Sand is famous for having been married to Lorenzo Lamas and appearing in Playboy, as well as a smattering of roles on various movies and TV shows.

But she is even MORE famous for having insane tits, wearing 8-inch Lucite heels and being photographed topless in public just about every weekend for the last two years straight, while clearly not giving a f**k. It comes as little surprise then, that she has a “celebrity” sex tape coming out this week. Really, the only question is what took so goddamn long for someone to come forward with one?

Vivid Entertainment has acquired the rights to produce and distribute “Shauna Sand Exposed”, which is essentially a homemade sex tape featuring Shauna and some dude who no one gives a shit what his name is. From what I’ve seen, it’s incredibly graphic. Which is sort of great in a way… Because you know how some chicks look like porn stars but then, when you sleep with them, they expect you to do all the work and they sort of just lie there? Well, of course, YOU wouldn’t know that but you’ve probably heard other, better-looking people tell you about this anomaly, correct?

Well, I’m happy to report that Like Paris and Kim K. before her, Shauna performs exactly the way you’d expect a chick that looks like a veteran of the adult film industry to perform. We wish her all the luck in her new career path!

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