Something You’re Not Telling Us Mike South? Diseased Hillbilly Obsessed With Man-Love

Mike South has a huge obsession. When I say huge, I mean huge. Mike South has a huge obsession with homosexuality. It is blatant and it is flagrant.

South has a grand obsession with Treasure Island Media owner Paul Morris. Morris produces gay movies that are very extreme, dealing with performers who are possibly HIV positive seroconverting those who are not. It’s something that exists in some subcultures of the gay community that the straight community can’t begin to understand. We wrote an article a few weeks ago about this and his claim that Treasure Island Media performers were working in straight porn.

Paul Morris did a interview that appeared on He talks about the movie Viral Loads, where men who are supposedly HIV positive, or “poz” as they like to say, ejaculate into a jar and shoot it up some dude’s turd-cutter after they’ve all run a train on his manhole. (Yes, I know. Hope you aren’t eating while reading this.) Are they infecting this poor sap with “Those AIDS” as Donald Sterling likes to call it? Maybe, although I’m pretty sure the HIV virus dies upon exposure to the air. I don’t claim to be a doctor and I certainly don’t have the disease detecting skills of Mike South, who can tell if someone has an STD simply by looking at their peepee.

Again, this is an area of sexuality that exists in certain segments of the gay population that I as a straight man don’t understand and don’t really want to understand. If you read the article, it talks about how his movie speaks to the heart of the sexual imagination of most queer men and how it wasn’t made for straight men. But Mike South is fascinated by it.

It doesn’t have anything to do with our industry or the people in it, but Mike South is obsessed with gay men and with me. He once again throws my company in at the end of his post that appeared on Tuesday and he wrote a post a week ago about Tom Byron as if he wanted to suck his cock, but all he did was talk about me. Mike South, I appreciate that I’m always on your mind, but I just don’t dig you that way, dude.

South is typical of all closeted gay Republicans who are hypocritical and self loathing. He projects that self loathing onto others. He talks about Paul Morris as if he should get the death penalty and would like to watch the guy be killed. Morris is a gay guy talking about his world and men who are HIV positive and what they go through and that straight men can’t possibly understand it. And here’s Mike South hating on this guy and wanting him put to death. It seems very bizarre. But it’s not bizarre when you think about who Mike South is and his talking about guys like Tom Byron and his obsession with bukkakes. Bukkakes. A bunch of dudes jacking off.

That’s a gay thing, man. When you’re in a room with a bunch of naked guys jacking off, even though there is a girl there, you are still in a room with a bunch of naked guys jacking off. If you’re into gang bangs and bukkakes, you definitely have a gay streak. If you watch those movies, a lot of times the other guys aren’t even looking at the girl, they’re looking at the other dudes pulling their puds. When I shot the blow bang in Justice League of Pornstar Heroes, I joked about how gay it was. Guys standing shoulder to shoulder in superhero outfits late at night trying to blow their loads on Wonderwoman. The guy who rocked the scene that night was Superman Rocco Reed. He usually would be half hard in a scene with a girl, but that night he was stiff as a crowbar. Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. Bukkakes are gay.

Think about Mike South. Out of all the things to go after in the business, he goes after the gay guy. He goes after the guys in the gay HIV world that we don’t understand. It’s like when a gay guy tries to talk about banging chicks. He sounds insincere and stupid. The gay community has been dealing with HIV and AIDS since the early 80’s. Back when there was no treatment, when all of their friends were dying right and left, at a level that we in the straight world can’t begin to fathom. They have a bond, much like cancer victims and survivors have.

Read the VICE article and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Paul Morris talks about something in his community that we don’t understand. How gay men have been living in fear of viral loads for years, that their sexuality has been immersed in terror and fear of death for two generations. I read this article and I thought, “Who talks like that?” I didn’t understand it. And who comments on it? Mike South. Someone who is a closet gay. Someone who is secretly gay and loathes their sexuality.

When you go to his site, you will see his obsession with me and Tom Byron, his obsession with bukkakes, the fact that he’s from Georgia and we all remember the movie Deliverance where they love to play the banjo and fuck each other in the ass and the fact that he’s a Republican. He says he’s a Libertarian, but he’s a Republican. Libertarians are closer to Republicans than Democrats and many Republicans have repressed homosexuality in them. Most of the gay scandals that come out are Republicans, whether they’re politicians or clergy or people who rally against gay rights. The people who rally against civil rights and homosexual rights are invariably the ones who get caught getting blown by a black transsexual in the parking lot of Hooters.

So read the article in VICE and go on over and read Mike South’s take on it and his fascination with the gay company Treasure Island Media. Nobody had ever heard of this company until Mike South started writing about it.

Mike South’s obsession with Treasure Island Media is yet another indicator that proves he is a closet queen.

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