South Australian Premier Pulls a Bill Clinton

from – STEAMY allegations that South Australian Premier Mike Rann had sex on his desk with a Parliament House barmaid threaten to end his political career.

Michelle Chantelois claimed she was under a “spell” when she allegedly had an affair with Mr Rann, a relationship that she said eventually destroyed her marriage.

Ms Chantelois said the fling started when Mr Rann asked her to his office because “he wanted to kiss me”.

“I didn’t say no,” she said in a paid interview with Channel 7. “There was sex involved, there was sexual contact and intimacy involved.

“Having me on his desk … in his office.”

Mr Rann, who was not married at the time, refused to comment last night.

Australia’s longest-serving Premier, who faces a state election in March next year, said he would make a statement today.

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US-born Ms Chantelois said she felt it was time to come clean.

“I’m tired of the lies and I’m not holding it in any more.”

Ms Chantelois said she knew the affair was wrong.

“It’s almost like you’re under this spell and you know it’s wrong. It’s like an addiction.”

Ms Chantelois said she met Mr Rann when she started working as a waitress at the SA Parliament House dining room in 1995.

She claimed their sexual relationship began in 2004, a year after she said they shared the kiss in Mr Rann’s office.

Ms Chantelois said she resigned from her job and stopped contact with Mr Rann after the kiss, but in 2004 the flirtation started up again via text messages and phone calls.

“Then it continued on to the point that the clothes came off, intercourse began,” Ms Chantelois said.

“There was sex involved, there was sexual contact and intimacy involved and they were both at the Parliament House in his room.

“And at the very end when it was finished, it was almost like ‘OK, I have a meeting now, I have to go’.”

Mr Rann allegedly told Ms Chantelois the affair would be “our little secret” and made strict rules about their conduct and contact.

She said Mr Rann asked her to watch the film Unfaithful and act out a scene in which a couple have sex in a toilet.

“It’s a very hot, steamy sex scene, and he actually asked me to watch that because that was one of his fantasies, I guess.”

When asked if she acted out the fantasy, Ms Chantelois said: “I believe he did.”

The alleged affair ended before Mr Rann married Sasha Carruozzo in July 2006.

But Ms Chantelois said he had sent her a sexy text message once when he fought with his fiancee.

Ms Chantelois says Mr Rann should apologise to her husband, Richard Phillips, and Ms Carruozzo.

“I’m taking responsibility for my bad behaviour and Mike Rann should take responsibility for his,” she said.

Mr Phillips was allegedly charged with assaulting Mr Rann with a rolled-up magazine at an ALP fundraiser in October.

Mr Phillips allegedly yelled at the Premier “Remember my wife” before striking him.

Channel 7 said Mr Phillips had not yet been charged with the assault.

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