Special needs “children” in the U.S. at it again, playing victims: LAPD Launches Criminal Investigation Into “Body-Shaming Incident”

Well, they’re at it again in the U.S. Someone’s feelings got hurt because a hot girl “shamed” some fatty. News of the incident circulated throughout the internet, the story went viral and she was forced to make an apology to fat people everywhere. On top of this, they say the police may get involved although it isn’t clear what crime was committed other than hurting the feelings of people that let themselves go. This happened in a public locker room, not a private residence. Get the fuck over it.


When will folks (Mostly overweight, unattractive American women) realize that, even though they may never be able to look like a Playboy Playmate, they can do better than sitting on their ass complaining and shaming other women. They can get in shape, get off medications, clean up their diets, improve their shitty attitudes, etc. Most of these women walked around thinking their shit didn’t stink when they were younger, acting high and mighty, treating people like shit, and now that their looks are gone, they attack younger, fitter, more attractive women. Oh, and they still hate men and wonder why American men go abroad for younger, fitter women with better attitudes that are better in the sack.


And don’t think for a second this woman’s white skin isn’t one of the reasons she’s being brutally attacked. Oh, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a black supremacist Super Bowl halftime show because it’s headed up by a racist black singer, but a white model that 99% of people have never heard of can’t have a little fun in the women’s locker room without people trying to ruin her life and future career prospects. Get a life, folks.


Oh, and she was banned for life from L.A. Fitness. Fuck them.


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