Starkville, MS: Schevelle’s First Road Trip with Tony Batman

Schevelle from writes: There we were on the road to the exciting and exhilarating Starkville, Mississippi to perform at The Pony.

This was the first trip that Tony and I had taken together on the road and I have to be honest and say that I was nervous. I used to drive to all of my gigs, which people used to make fun of me for, but I always thought it was the best way to travel. Then me and my ex broke up and I began to fly everywhere. THIS SUCKED!

Besides getting raped by the flight Gestapo every time you check your bags (which cost a minimum of $50 every time I flew), you have to pass their “screening” process as you head to your gate. So, not only are you paying for your ticket so YOU can fly, you are paying for your little costumes, shoes and other stuff to fly, because the airport HATES bags, THEN you walk to your gate and you are met by “Nazi Patriots” of our new “safer screened” airports, who then treat everyone as if they were Osama Bin Laden’s direct relative. After, a period of time of this abuse, I was much relieved to find out that Tony likes to drive, too. Put that in the “good” category.

So there we were on the road on our first trip together. Now, being with someone and not working is different than being with someone and in work mode. It was both stimulating, thrilling and very terrifying. But fuck it, let’s do it!! We trusted this little machine called Garmin to get us there. Garmin is a GPS, which stands for “Great Piece of Shit”.

I think we were on a real highway for like a mile. Then it was all back woods, baby. I heard the banjos and I thought “Paddle faster.” This route came complete with 45 mph speed signs and cops parked just on the other side of the sign waiting to pull people over. We got there and got checked into the hotel and found the club. Although it sounds really rousing and gripping, Starkville, MS would not be my first pick of a place to go, but we had a great time. Something I was already learning about Tony, besides he’s good in bed, is that he likes to have a good time…no matter where he is, the club, the car, the hotel lobby, Wal-Mart….

The club actually had a very large stage and the staff was accommodating and welcoming from the moment we walked in. The first show went off and their house d.j. Steve and Tony worked the mic and got the crowd all fired up. It was my first show and even though it was early, I had so much fun with the girls and the customers. This is something that is worth mentioning.

The house girls there, were very cool as in, they would bring customers to the stage and they were fun and it’s always fun to play with the ladies. So all of those nerves I had about working with Tony, just vanished after the first show. He was a blast on the mic and had the crowd laughing and participating. And while I was there, I even met a celebrity dancer.

Dallas was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader….AND….she was in Playboy, which was funny because so was Tony. We found this out because she came back to my dressing room and Charles Brasher wanted to take her picture for a story he was covering for Exotic Dancer Magazine. She was nervous about having her picture taken and said Playboy wouldn’t like it, but Tony reassured her that it would not be a problem. Whew! Good thing we put that fire out.

The club also had another feature entertainer there, my helper Frodo Teabaggins… don’t ask. As soon as he was done picking up the stage, he was “Flameboy on the Pole”. I’ve got the pictures to prove it. On the last day of the booking, Mississippi State Bulldogs and #1 ranked Florida were poised to play, so the week closed out with a bang full of spirited football fans. Sadly, The Bulldogs lost, but they put up one helluva fight.

One more thing I have to mention before I close this up. Like I said at the beginning, this was my first booking with Tony and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean,here you both are on the road, still learning about each other and we all know that out of nowhere, sometimes that other person says or does something and that “switch” that is in all of us women’s head just turns to the “off” mode. However, this never happened. As a matter of fact, it was great, not only am I head over heels for Tony, but apparently other women that he just meets feel the same way.

Example, we check into the hotel and every morning I would go downstairs and get coffee. Sometimes Tony was with me, sometimes we wasn’t. When I was by myself I would smile at the ladies at the front desk and say “hello” and they would smile back and politely say “hello”….and that was it. Now, when TONY was with me, he would say “hello” and they would SLYLY smile and respond with a fond “heeelloooo” and then strike up a whole fucking conversation. Now Tony never meets a stranger and is never at a loss for words so he had them giggling and smiling and hanging on his word. Well, I guess it’s nice to have someone that warms so many hearts…and other parts. Now that Tony is a road warrior, keep reading and find out what happens to him next week.

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