Stephanie Brooks Live on What’s Brewin’ After Dark Tuesday Night

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VENICE, CA – There’s a new girl in your life and her name is Stephanie Brooks. She’s beautiful enough to make all your friends and ex-girlfriends jealous. You can take her out to dinner, to a movie, even take her home to mom. Though with Mom you might want to avoid the topic of what Stephanie does for a living. And make sure Mom doesn’t listen to the What’s Brewin’ After Dark show tonight.

Stephanie will be going on What’s Brewin’ tonight (April 23) at 10:15 pm PST and hosts Patrick Spinella and Veruca James will be doing their best to pull out all the interesting facts and dirty tidbits, which shouldn’t be difficult because Stephanie is a very open girl.

She got into the world of cam girls after friends picked up on her exhibitionist nature (apparently it was rather difficult not to notice) and she’s now doing shows every weekday. She currently goes on MFC Monday through Friday, from 8 pm to midnight PST.

She has redesigned her MFC profile and there are a bunch of Easter eggs – hidden surprises that both help you get to know more about Stephanie, as well as finding some things like new music and favorite YouTube videos of the young starlet.

Her videos available on MFC include her first-ever nude clip from Oct. 2012 and a new Hitachi clip that will blow your mind just like shooting it blew hers. And there’s much more.

Listen to Stephanie on What’s Brewin’ After Dark on Tuesday, April, 23 at 10:15 pm. To listen head over to

Check out Stephanie at,, and And of course join her at

Stay tuned to her Twitter (@SexyStephXS) for all her updates for cam shows and everything else. Also check her out online at and

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