Steve Hirsch Wants the Industry to Pony Up for Measure B on April 15th, But He’s in Talks with Mr. Marcus

Suckers are born every minute, and April 15th is national suckers day in the porn industry apparently. XBiz reports that 80% of the businesses are contributing to the fight against Measure B when the guy who’s organizing the one-day drive – Steve Hirsch- is in negotiations to hire Mr. Marcus as a director.

Rob Black brought up the subject again on on his Monday night show.

Black also proved once again – you got anything to say about him? Be prepared to have a full dossier of your own transgressions tossed back in your face. Such was the case with Christy Canyon who blogged this weekend about what a jealous crackheard Black was, envious of Steve Hirsch.

Black took the opportunity of reminding Canyon about her very special relationship with Tommy Sinopoli a Boston shakedown artist who ran amok in the porn business back in the Eighties. And because Hirsch is such a wonderful guy, Black reminded one and all that Hirsch fathered a son with Ginger Lynn over 15 years ago.

Lynn, according to Black, has always gotten the shitty end of the stick in that dynamic. But the story Black ended his show with was how he and Tom Byron approached Hirsch not too long about having a sit down to talk business. Hirsch wouldn’t give them the time of day, but Black marveled how Hirsch was willing to entertain hiring Mr. Marcus as a director.

Black wondered aloud that he’s being called a crackhead but was curious exactly what drug Hirsch was operating on to even consider the prospect of hiring Mr. Marcus.

Another thing that has Black baffled is that he gave Hirsch a heads up that director B. Skow [aka Michael Bisco] was leaving Vivid yet Hirsch treated Black as though he were lying to him. Bisco, indeed, left Vivid as Black had said.

“I got shit on,” said Black.

“Now I’m being character assassinated being called a crackhead? Ginger Lynn, dude. I should see Ginger Lynn at every event, hoisted – the first porn actress to go out with a celebrity. She went out with Charlie Sheen when he wasn’t a whack job. He was turning into an actor. This is the guy who did Wall Street. She was with a guy who said you’re that classy, I don’t give a fuck.”

“Ginger Lynn didn’t make her money and didn’t be the face of Vivid by letting 17 guys cum in her asshole. You know when she started doing that? When Steve Hirsch thew her out like a piece of trash!! And Ginger Lynn a 45 year old woman is being treated like that?”

According to Black, the rule must be you have to be 21 to get in the business and 41 to be shown the exit. Black then changed his mind and upped that age to 45.

“There’s something about a girl at the age of 18, the next day she’s working for Porno Dan with 17 dicks in her face when a week ago she was basically a minor.”

Black hates the fact that Ginger Lynn was relegated to gangbangs to pay her bills.

“But here’s the coup de grace. Steve Hirsch won’t take a meeting with me and Tom Byron, but it’s a fact that he is and was in negotiations with Mr. Marcus to bring Marcus back to Vivid.

“This is not innuendo. Steve and Marcie, you know I’m telling the truth, because the third party who was involved- and you all know who that was- I sat there. I sat in that guy’s office while Marcus would come in to talk to him to negotiate how you all were going to bring him back.

“I even said that to this third party: ‘You mean Steve Hirsch won’t even have a meeting with me but he’ll sit there and have a meeting with Mr. Marcus- with the guy that reporters say is the sole responsibility for Measure B?’

“Steven Hirsch negotiated to bring Mr. Marcus back to Vivid but he wouldn’t even take a meeting with me and Tom Byron. I’m not talking about a job, just a 5 minute meeting then it’s get the fuck out of here. You couldn’t take a meeting with us? Steven Hirsch when I told him Michael Bisco was leaving him called me a liar. And Michael Bisco left him and went to Howard Levine.

“Steve Hirsch sat there with Mr. Marcus- Marcie- they all sat there talking about bringing Marcus back there to direct. That is a fact. There is a third party, and I sat in his office and I read messages. They negotiated a deal to bring Marcus back.

“Steve Hirsch, Christy Canyon, I ask you this. What the fuck is clouding the judgment? Let’s take a drug test. How about me bringing my drug kit- let’s get a heroin kit or opiates! Yeah. How about this. How about I get my opiate test, and we go to the Vivid office, Christy Canyon, and we all take drug tests.

“Lets see if I’m on crack. Call Steven and say you spoke for him. Steven, you don’t have a meeting with me and Tom Byron? And you have a meeting with Mr. Marcus? I got one thing and one thing to say to you, Steven.

“There’s this place. I don’t know what it is, but people told me about it. There’s this place. It’s on Hollywood & Vine but you might need to talk to these people because something’s clouding your judgment, Steven.

“When you’re sitting on a college panel you’re speaking for this business about Measure B. Something must be clouding your judgment to be sitting there having meetings with Mr. Marcus but you won’t have a meeting with me?”

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