Steve Volponi Now at Devil’s Films

> Steve Volponi has taken over sales at Devil’s Films.

> AMA Video announces that performer and editor Rob Longshot is now adding director to his resume starting with Swallow Your Pride #2 in November.

“After having been in pretty much every side of this business now from performing, to my time behind the scenes at Extreme, I figured now was the right to step behind the camera as more than just a cameraman and add some of my twisted vision to AMA’s line up.” AMA owner Joe Laughlin has handled the directing duties for almost all titles exceptBad News Bitches which was directed by industry veteran Randy Spears, and felt it was time to give another perspective to the company.

“Rob is a strange, sick individual and definitely gives another, edgier style to AMA, giving us some more diversity in our titles.” Right now Rob will be directing the Swallow Your Pride series and will take over The Anal Supremacy line starting with the series third volume in December. This is obviously going to be AMA video’s journey into the dark side.

> Skeeter Kerkove was in a pretty bad car accident Thursday afternoon. Skeeter was almost home when some guy running a stop sign, ran into his car from the passenger side. Skeeter sustained some serious injuries to his neck. “I was pretty dazed when I got out of the car,” said Skeeter who was attended to by paramedics and eventually released from he hospital. According to Skeeter the other driver was arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license and no insurance. “It wasn’t his car.” Skeeter also suspects the guy was driving under some kind of influence. “He had track marks all over his arm.” Fortunately for Skeeter, there were witnesses everywhere to the accident.

> Jonathan Morgan wasn’t able to make it to KSEX Thursday night because of the fires going on in Porn valley right now. Morgan had to evacuate his house. I’m also hearing that the Captain & Tennile house- a favorite site for porn shoots also had to be evacuated. Defiance Films also got the word last night to evacuate their offices when the blaze hit Calabasas.

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