Steve Wynn: “Joe Francis is the most desperate, most reprehensible character in my 70 years of living”

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from – “GIRLS GONE Wild” founder Joe Francis said he feared for his life after a Las Vegas hotel mogul allegedly said he’d kill him over a $2 million gambling debt in 2007, the soft-core porn maker testified in a slander suit stemming from the alleged threat.

The death threat, Francis testified, was relayed by Francis’ neighbor, music producer Quincy Jones, who claimed to be reading an email from hotel magnate Steve Wynn that said Wynn would bludgeon Francis with a shovel and “bury him in the desert.”

But Wynn said the whole thing was a lie. “I’ve never sent an email in my life,” Wynn told jurors, adding that everything he does is constantly investigated whenever his gaming licenses are up for renewal.

Such an email “would be incredibly stupid,” he said on the stand.

Such an email “would be a singularly self-destructive act – incredibly, incredibly stupid,” he said on the stand.

Wynn’s lawyer also promised in his opening statement that Jones will testify later in the trial that no such email existed.

Wynn is suing Francis for slander, claiming Francis concocted the email story to “destroy” Wynn’s reputation and business “because he didn’t want to pay his (debt).”

But Francis didn’t back down on the stand, testifying that Wynn “is a gangster.”

Wynn threw his own left cross. “He accused me of murdering people, of being part of the Genovese crime family,” Wynn said of Francis. “It’s so preposterous and outrageous. If allowed to stand, it could spell the end of my company.”

“In my 45 years of being in this business, I’ve met some pretty extreme characters, and I have to say Joe Francis is the most desperate, most reprehensible character in my 70 years of living,” he continued. “I’ve never bumped into anyone quite as awful as this character. He must be under the influence of something that makes him lose control of himself.

Jones, 79, asked a judge last week to excuse him from testimony because stress over the trial had caused him heart palpitations.

The judge granted his request, but Wynn’s lawyer said Jones had changed his mind and would appear.

“I have never said to anyone in the world, Quincy Jones or any human being, that I would kill Joe Francis,” Wynn testified.


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