Steven St. Croix Takes Issue with the Proposed Condom Mandate; Says Michael Weinstein is Perpetrating a Fraud

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What Michael Weinstein is perpetrating is the condom franchise owned and operated by the Aids Healthcare Foundation. Because if the condom measure is passed, it’ll be Weinstein who’ll be supplying all the latex to the porn industry.

Weinstein runs a national chain called the “Out of the Closet” Thrift stores. These stores not only have an AHF Pharmacy annex which sells condoms endorsed by Weinstein, who’s a shareholder in several condom concerns, but they also sell bare back porn videos.

In fact Weinstein and Lifestyles condoms are joined at the hip, so look for that company to be getting the porn concession once the fix is in place.

But for a very provocative read check out what St. Croix has to say at

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