Stormy Daniels Doesn’t Like Most of the People at Wicked? Steve Javors Gone from XBiz

Posted on – If you pay real close to Twitter and the things people say you can catch on to little things like the fact that Wicked Girl Stormy Daniels doesn’t really like most of the people at Wicked including Jessica Drake.

You also learn that Steve [Javors] is no long with XBIZ, who spent many years as their head editor and who apparently found out about it in a very unusually unhappy way, on the show floor on the last day of the AEE show. Talk about a shocker of a show closer.

You may also learn that Harmony Rose quit doing hardcore porn and is now a full time student and apparently loving it.

One of the other interesting things you may find on Twitter is that Cezar Capone just finished another Britney Pierce movie that is due out sometime in late February and he is preparing to shoot a big budget feature film sometime in February as well.

I don’t know all the details just yet but I do have a call into a friend to give me the scoop. What I know so far is the movie will include Nikki Benz, Eva Angelina, Sunny Leone and I think McKenzee Miles. There are quite a few others in the movie but I am not sure who they are just yet. The movie might include Jayme Langford, or that could be for an unrelated project. I’m not real sure on that that one.

Sometime else I learned is that the movie will start off with an all girl orgy and includes a scene with a lot of black candles and that this movie with be Cezar Capone’s biggest, all star cast to date and considering some of the great movies he made for Club Jenna in the past, that’s really saying something.

I don’t have much else for you right now but it will be interesting to keep an eye on the production of this movie. I don’t think we’ve had an all star cast movie like this so far this year. In fact, can’t really think of one last year either.

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