Story in Progress: Running for the FSC Board, Director Mo Reese Interviews with Rebecca Bardoux

Adult industry director Mo Reese who’s running for a spot on the Free Speech Coalition Board of Directors, was a guest on Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show Friday night.

Reese was very active in the No on Measure B campaign.

“I think you have a very strong passion when it comes to this industry,” Bardoux said.

“I do,” said Reese.

“I came from mainstream five years ago and I came into porn. I’ve always been a fan of porn but I fell in love with the industry at the time. I was brought in by Andre Madness and five years later I’m still here. I really love what I do.

“I like the politics of porn. I think it’s very interesting. I care about the people, and I have a lot of friends in the industry. I’m also a big fan of politics outside the industry, so things like Measure B really piqued by interest.”

Reese said a Cal/OSHA meeting was one of his first experiences at witnessing true politics in porn.

“It was a very interesting meeting to participate in and I went from there,” he said.

story in progress….

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