Stoya Speaking Out for Workers’ Rights But She’s Taking a Paycheck from John Stagliano

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Today I sent Rob Black a link to a story Stoya wrote for talking about workers’ rights.

Damned if she didn’t sound like him.

Black on his show, noted that a porn mark over at makes sure that Stoya gets her articles printed.

“Stoya’s with James Deen and she’s being disciplined now; she’s decided to get on board as a Rob Black clone,” says Black.

“It tells you that another girl wants us to forget their history and past.

“I don’t know a lot about this girl because she’s been part of a douchebag system that hijacked the business and destroyed it. From what I understand, Stoya is James Deen’s girlfriend and before James Deen wasn’t she with Marilyn Manson? I’m not sure.

“But if that’s true, why does this article sound like she was a babe in the woods, that got fucked over? Is it now hip to speak up for everyone’s rights? A girl who is with James Deen doesn’t sound like a babe in the woods; neither a girl who was with Marilyn Manson sounds like a babe in the woods.

“My understanding is Stoya came in the business and got signed by Samantha Lewis and Joone,” said Black.

“Then Manwin came in and bought them. I’m confused on the contract Stoya had. She’s saying prior to Digital she had a contract, or that Samantha Lewis and Joone fucked her. I’m completely confused. To me I’m smelling bullshit, and I want to see if I can track that bullshit.

“Now we understand. It’s all bullshit. I’m trying to figure this out. She talks about a horrible deal and signing her agreement without a lawyer. Fucking wow. I’m completely confused. Is this a girl trying to re-write her history?

“Stoya, weren’t you with Digital Playground before Manwin? I’m confused. You talk about this one-sided deal and how long you’ve been with James Deen. You say you were naïve. I’m lost. You were naïve you didn’t have lawyers? That’s a fucking lie.

“When you signed with Samantha Lewis you didn’t have lawyers and when you signed with Manwin didn’t you have lawyers? James Deen says he’s smarter than Sasha Grey. Now we know how he got that part in The Canyons. ‘My director wanted to fuck me.’

“That’s cool. ‘The director said I was a hot little Jew gay twink and he wanted to fuck me.’

“I can’t imagine that the gay Jew twink would not give Stoya any legal advice,” Black concluded.

“I got to figure out what Stoya is talking about. She never talked to Marilyn Manson?

“And she’s talking about Manwin. I’m so confused. And she’s talking about a union?”

“Rob Black is stupid, right? And then she talks about workers’ rights issues. Stoya, you can’t bring yourself to call Rob Black, you hipster douchebag cunt.

“Stoya, you are a punk, The fact that you don’t call me and acknowledge me as your master.

“James Deen can slam your head into a wall, but you won’t acknowledge me as your role model? Stoya, fuck you. James Deen you little twinkie Jew, fuck you. You think you would have told Stoya to call Rob Black? ‘Rob Black gave me my start in the business and I was working for Vultron the murderer.’

“You should call Rob Black because he really cares about what’s going on in the business. James, you didn’t do that. Fuck you. Stoya, fuck you. Where were you three years ago, fuck you. Where are you right now sticking up for Katie Summers, fuck you. What’s your deal?”

“And, James Deen, not having the respect of me to have your girlfriend call me, fuck you, you little twinky Jew. And those aren’t my words.

“Don’t act all of a sudden because you got righteous. I made it alright to point out the injustices in the business. I went to prison for this business, and I get shit on. But time is saying maybe he’s alright and he did speak up for the business.

“I’ve been speaking out about injustices and now the darling of the mainstream world, Stoya, James Deen’s girl friend, is sounding like Rob Black and I can’t even get an email or a phone call?

“I get treated like a fucking jerk. Fuck off you jerkoffs. Remember who started the revolution in this industry. Don’t you fucking forget it.

“Everything you’re saying is Rob Black speech from top to bottom.

“You people need to deal with the fact that you don’t like the messenger. You like the message, but it makes your eyes water because you hate the messenger. You’ve been told lies by people who don’t want you to hear the truth.

“Apparently Stoya’s smartening the fuck up, but she doesn’t know when to use the telephone. If this ain’t more evidence of Rob Black the messenger, read what your girl Stoya has to say, and if this isn’t Rob Black, I don’t know what.

“Stoya, Miss Freedom Fighter, is going to be in John Stagliano’s new movie. So much for her statement about rights. If she’s such a big freedom fighter and sticking up for the workers, go ask John Stagliano, did you tell that girl you were HIV positive?

“Ask him why you don’t have to inform people of that. When he’s done are you going to tell him to go fuck himself? If you’re such a strong woman, Stoya, why do you not stick up for Katie Summers while you stick up for Evil Angel?

“Can you help us out on that? C’mon, Stoy. Can you help me out? You’re a big, smart girl. You are a big shot, and now you’re speaking out. But why are you not speaking out against John Stagliano and taking a paycheck?

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