Stripper Exposes Herself in New Blog

Atlanta, GA — Do you know Monica Mays? Maybe or maybe not. But if you are an Atlanta local on the trendy and rapidly growing social networking site Twitter, chances are you do. Monica Mays, better known as Brook Lynne Carter, is rapidly burning up the keyboard with her witty “tweets,” raw candor, and sexy photos. But before all the Twitter rage, there was the writer’s well-received website,, where she shares racy thoughts, tackles urban media and pop culture with her intelligent musings.

Moonlighting as a celebrated dancer at one of the world’s most popular strip clubs, the beautiful yet edgy Brook Lynne Carter has built herself as an international favorite, not only inside of the club but outside as well. Once a little girl with big dreams and a bigger heart, a now enticing, advanced kitty, she pulls admirers in like a magnet to discarded metal. Gawkers are left to ask, why is it that so many big boys and girls want a piece of this femme fatal?

“With Brook Lynne in Mind” takes the reader on a very intimate account of a mind created, learned and discovered as Brook candidly shares hidden truths about living, relationships, love, hate, let downs and acceptance in the seedy underbelly of dance coupled equally with internal battles and infamous victories. Brook has a message to all hopefuls, would- bes, achievers and dreamers alike. The message: While everything that glitters isn’t gold, there’s still room for hope.

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