Stupid Is As Stupid Does; Jessica Drake and Mike South Illustrate Their Astounding Brilliance

Porn girls who think they’re smart are the worst.

I love these girls who speak on panels at colleges and have no idea what free speech is or what they’re saying. I’m of course talking about the panel discussion held at UCLA with Jessica Drake, Tasha Reign and Adella Curry.

They don’t really say anything. Just, “We’re feminists and we like to do porn and be hookers and eat cum and we like guys and we’re not being abused, etc.”

Listen to Jessica Drake:

“I have a right to choose what I do with my body, and a right to choose what my career has been over the years and what it will be in the future,” she later added. “This is a really great segue to the lobbying I did against Measure B, which is the condoms in porn law. People were really confused as to how I could do that  because I work for the only studio that is 100 percent condom only, that I was still lobbying against the government coming in and making us use condoms. I feel it’s a very, very personal choice, and as a woman, to be told what I’m putting in or on my body is a violation, so it’s something I feel very strongly about.”

There you go. Jessica Drake, ladies and gentlemen.

You know, it’s kinda like the movie The Departed when Martin Sheen asks Leonardo DeCaprio, “Do you want to be a cop, or do you want to appear to be a cop?” Basically, Jessica Drake wants to appear that she’s smart. But she’s not.

She’s confused about the condom legislation argument on its core: “They don’t have a right to tell me what I can put in my body…” You’re talking about two totally different things, you bimbo. You’re talking about safety.

All of these people keep trying to play the line of “the government telling us what to do.” The government is not telling you what to do in your personal life. The government is not telling you what to do in your bedroom.

What the State and Cal/OSHA is saying Jessica, you dummy, is that if you are an employee and you work in the adult business, you have to abide by standards of safety set forth in a work environment. When you work with sushi in a restaurant now, guess what? You have to wear rubber gloves. When you work in a hospital, you have to wear gloves when handling blood, semen, feces, any potential biological hazard. All Cal/OSHA is saying is, Hey dummy. If you are working in a company and you are an employee and your business is “legitimate,” you have safety standards. Spraying your semen and other bodily fluids randomly on people, on the floor, on walls, on beds, you have to follow certain health guidelines. You have to abide by rules. That’s all, fuckheads.

If you wanna go home and have 25 guys pull an anal train on you, go to it, ya ignorant motherfuckers. But, if you’re working for a company and you jizz on the floor, that cum mopper upper has to wear gloves to pick up the cum. The person who is getting fucked can’t have that cum sprayed all over their body. The blood and other fluids that are seeping out of a torn rectum cannot be put all over peoples open skin.

Jessica Drake, why do tattoo artists wear gloves? There are rules that say tattoo artists have to wear gloves. Do you think that someone who pierces your skin or your cunt should have to wear gloves or have a license? Yes or no?

People in the porn business are stupid. And there’s nothing worse than girls in porn who think they’re smart. They are the worst. Porn girls who actually pretend to be smart. Jessica Drake has no clue of the distinction between public safety health codes and whether the government should or shouldn’t tell people what to do with their own bodies. It’s two completely different things. Apples and oranges.

What’s funny is these college panel forums never have anybody up there who tells it like it is. They never have anybody like me up there. They just have these ignorant women that talk and people go home and say, “Mom, dad. I just saw a bunch of trashy ignorant women who do porn in class today. They tried to equate condoms and safety in a work environment with the government telling them what to do with their bodies. Wow, they were stupid.”

Women pretending to be smart. You’ll never see Jessica Drake have a real debate with anybody. She has canned answers. She’s a fucking dummy. Just an ignorant person who pretends to be smart.

Let’s see what’s going on at Hillbilly Boy’s site. His top story is:

“Cal OSHA Has Been Busy”

There are three links, one of which is broken That would be the Evil Angel link. The other two are ATK and Erotique.

The post begins:

“Its news porners can use that other sites are completely ignoring, which I totally don’t get…”

Basically Hillbilly Boy is saying it’s me who is completely ignoring the news. But why would XBIZ talk about it? They ignored the Kurt Treptow/Brackob story and they are in bed with Free Speech Coalition. They have pedohiles speaking on their sponsored panels. Why would they give a shit about a couple of Cal/OSHA visits? AVN? Why would Manwin want to call attention to what they themselves are doing, which is breaking the law everyday by shooting without condoms? Or flying talent to and from Las Vegas and LA, thus violating the Mann Act?

So what you’re saying is I don’t understand why Rob Black isn’t talking about this. You know why? Because I don’t fucking care, Mike South, you fucking moron. Is this gonna get me a network deal? No. Is this gonna get my documentary finished? No. So I don’t give a flying fuck. It’s more of people doing what they want, getting busted and telling everybody to go fuck themselves. Who fucking cares, you dumb fuck?

“The interesting one is Evil Angel because to my knowledge Evil Angel doesn’t shoot anything,  they are essentially a manufacturers rep. To my knowledge they don’t shoot anything on the property.   That means the violations would be on the individual companies represented by Evil Angel I think, so that is one to watch.”

Mike, when John Stagliano was brought up on obscenity charges, you fucking idiot, if you remember a couple of those charges were not from his movies. They were movies that he distributed, you dumb fuck. Secondly, you dumb bastard, what other companies shoot on the premises? Very rarely, unless you’re talking about low end garbage companies, do people shoot on their premises. When I was at Exquisite, we didn’t shoot on the premises, unless it was a dialogue scene or something. We shot the final fight scene of Captain America on the roof. But never a sex scene. We always shot sex scenes in studios. Not shooting on the premises, you stupid mothefucker.

Also, you stupid motherfucker, John Stagliano often fronts his directors money to shoot. That is a fact, you stupid motherfucker. He takes proceeds from your movie and fronts you money to shoot. His company is intricately intertwined with his producers, you stupid motherfucker. What do you think a John Stagliano movie is, you stupid motherfucker? Where do you think he shoots Stretch Class, you stupid motherfucker? Where do you think he sticks his AIDS ridden fingers into girls assholes, you stupid motherfucker? What don’t you get about that, Hillbilly Boy? Are you the most ignorant motherfucker on the planet?

“Porn is having tough times these days, with OSHA fines coming at a time when revenues are at an all time low.  From what I hear pretty much every company is going to all condom.”

Really? Can you tell me which companies, you stupid motherfucker? I know three people who are shooting every fucking day. None of them are using condoms. Can you tell me, Mike South? You stupid motherfucker. I know for a fact that Frank Koretsky’s brand new company Aire Rose Entertainment that Adam Hasner and Jordan Septo started don’t use condoms. Did you know that, Mike South? You stupid motherfucker. Mason, who shoots for Mile High, doesn’t use condoms, you stupid motherfucker. Did you know that, you stupid motherfucker? Or is it just your loser bottom feeder friends who give you your information?

We’ll finish with this. This time he hits it right on the head.

“I can’t help but think that there would have been a better way to handle this situation than the way we have… But what do I know, I’m just a far removed Hillbilly from Georgia…”

You finally hit the nail on the head you banjo playing inbred racist motherfucker. How unbelievably stupid you are.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will show how unbelievably stupid he is. He talks and talks about Evil Angel, right? What happened when you clicked on the link? It went back to his page. The other two links went to ATK and to Erotique and their Cal/OSHA inspection reports. But the Evil Angel link doesn’t work. No information whatsoever. Nothing. This ignorant motherfucker is trying to prove a point about Evil Angel and the fucking link doesn’t work.

Nobody on his message board mentioned this at all today. They talked about Evil Angel, but nobody mentioned the fact that the fucking link didn’t work. The gutless, spineless losers that post on his message board are so fucking ignorant that they don’t even mention that the link for the Evil Angel violations doesn’t work. That’s how fucking stupid they are. They don’t even acknowledge that the fucking link doesn’t work.

This stupid motherfucker wants people to talk about something, but what he’s producing doesn’t fucking work. ATK doesn’t have any violations listed, Erotique is a small time loser named Eric John. Evil Angel is the whale that he’s talking about with distribution and shooting on the premises and the link to the evidence that validates his claim is broken.

Finally, after having the broken link on the site all day, a poster name Eric brought this to his attention. He posted it AFTER my afternoon show when I called Mike South out on his stupidity. Hillbilly Boy replied:

“thats weird it was working last night it was just like atk except it said Evil Angel”

No, it didn’t you stupid motherfucker. You didn’t know about it until Rob EF Hutton Black told everybody what an idiot you are.

Again, for once Mike South gets something right:

“But what do I know, I’m just a far removed Hillbilly from Georgia…”

Yes, Mike you are. You’re an ignorant hillbilly. You have a website that nobody goes to, but you profess everybody does. Nobody of substance posts on your site, because they’re all a bunch of bottom feeder nobodies in the business who hide behind fake names. They post under fake names because if they used their real names they would be fired because they’re nobodies. They’re losers.

They’re losers and wannabes who never made it in the business. Just like you, Mike South, who made horrible ugly porn. You got fired from Elegant Angel because of me. I went to Patrick Collins and showed him the dreck you put out and he agreed that you were horrible and fired you after one movie. You’ve never gotten over it, have you? You stupid motherfucker.

But what do I know? I’m just the EF Hutton of Porn.

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