Sue them all: Why Monica Foster is so sue happy in 2017

Monica Foster civilian name Alexandra Mayers has had a bad year. It was revealed awhile back that she is back living with her mother which would cramp any 38 year old’s style and to top that off she lost a $166,600.00 judgement to The Randazza Legal Group after a several year court battle that started after Ms. Mayers libeled Mark Randazza‘s wife. The judgement has been a massive blow to Ms. Mayers ego as Mark got over on her. To her finances too but she isn’t concerned about that. As long as she is keeping up appearances, she isn’t concerned with her bottom line.

Since the judgement, Mayers has become sue-happy and wants everyone shut up and shut down if they even utter her name. She believes in free speech for herself and doesn’t want to be silenced but when it comes to others, she doesn’t believe they deserve that right. Her black female privilege has allowed her to play the race and victim card ad nauseam on far left leaning Twitter and she has been able to mow down her foes on that site and virtually eliminate all badmouthing of her over there but now she wants the entire internet silenced even if they should speak the truth about her. So let’s see, she’d like to lie, libel and slander people she doesn’t care for but no one else is allowed to even tell the truth about her? Seems about right for a pampered little suburban princess that still lives with her mother at age 38. Her mother is no angel in this either. Painted by Alexandra as a “Retired little old lady school teacher,” the mother is enabling an online terrorist, hate monger, bigot and cyberbully that has no desire to accomplish anything in life. Her only purpose for living is to get back at her enemies. Throw her ass out and let her live at a women’s shelter with no private bathroom, no cell phone or internet service and watch her get a reality check real quick.

Ms. Mayers has always been an e-lawyer but she has become overly sue-happy since the Randazza judgement because she figures, if Mark can do it, why can’t she? Well, it’s simple: She libeled the man’s wife. No one is libeling Ms. Mayers. There is no law against posting facts about the pathetic life of a self professed famous person. Some on PWL for example use slurs when writing about her and that does them no favors but there is no law against that either. She does this daily to people and calls people white supremacists with no proof. Also, Mark is an attorney with his own law practice. He spent many years in school training to do what he does. Mayers is barely a high school graduate with no legal background and no money. You don’t just wave your fingers and win a case against someone. Just because Mark executed things correctly and won a case against her, does not mean Mayers can do the same to the people she is currently stalking, bullying and threatening. For one, she’s got no money. Is she going to shake down her elderly, retired mother for money to sue a bunch of people online that troll her as hard as she trolls them? Really? What a bad sport she is. This is completely fair play. We are 100% certain this is not the retirement that her mother envisioned.

We don’t recommend that anyone reading this waste time on her anymore. We have said this for months only to get dragged back in and resume our stories about her after she posts some outrageous lie or claim but we’re all just feeding into her addiction to attention. You want closure on the whole Monica Foster chapter? The best thing anyone can do is let her make her threats and ignore her. She leads a miserable life and has nothing better to do. Why mess with someone whose sole mission in life is to make other people as miserable as she is? Being a cyberbully and stalker is her day job, folks. Ignore, ignore, ignore and then ignore some more. There are enough stories already published about her for the public to know to stay away from her. Go do something enjoyable while relishing the fact that she is holed up in a house in some neighborhood that caters to the 65 and up crowd. I bet she’s real hot stuff down there with the senior citizen crowd that can’t get their dicks to work without popping a pill or three.

Before you listen to her accuse anyone of anything, go to the top of this site and click the pinned article at the top. Then watch the video of her phone calls with Donny Long and Heather Deep. After listening to those calls, how can you feel sorry for her? In those calls, she threatened the couple’s unborn baby and threatened to assault, attack, beat up and disfigure Heather. She also used racist Asian slurs to describe Heather. Come on now, the proof is right there in her own words. Is anyone going to take someone like that seriously when she tries to play victim? Wise up, folks.


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