SugarDVD Will Bring Adult Entertainment to the Wii U

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from – SugarDVD, the service that calls itself “Netflix for porn,” is already available on PS3 and Xbox 360, and now it turns out the Wii U is going to be next.

A spokesperson for the streaming porn service revealed to Complex that a SugarDVD Wii U app is being built. There’s no word yet on release date, unfortunately, though if you’re desperate you can always just watch porn on the internet in the meantime.

SugarDVD does offer a unique service: unlimited streaming porn straight to your video game consoles (plus a number of other devices) for $7.95 a month. The app is launched through the consoles’ web browsers, though unlike the tube sites that work on consoles’ browsers, SugarDVD offers high quality, full length movies.

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