Sunset Thomas Offers More Opinions on the Tiger Woods Scandal

Earlier this week Sunset Thomas spoke to Esquire and offered these comments:

On Sunset adds: I’m a legal courtesan and a porn star and I’m embarrassed to find a couple of industry girls are jumping on the “I did Tiger too,” bandwagon.

Let’s be honest, these coming outs are nothing more than attention grabbing/money grabbing gimmicks—as, I reckon, is the case with each and every one of Tiger’s paramours. Let’s be real. Who brags about having an affair with a married man?

These relationships were based solely on sex (despite the fact I’m sure they totally related to one another). While these girls were getting some of Woods’ wood and I don’t doubt some “green fees” as well—they were silent.

When the first romp became public all the little harlots headed for the hype-heap! Boy-oh-boy, that Andy Warhol guy sure had it pegged with his 15 minutes of fame quote. Far be it from me—a legal prostitute and on-screen sex kitten—to be moralizing. Hey, I’m all for consensual sex and I take all-comers. Frankly, I’ve often considered myself a marital aide rather than “the other woman.”

But let’s be honest, the girls who dated Tiger were “trophy hunters.” Now, I don’t want to sound cynical or cruel but who’s to say that Tiger’s wife wasn’t the first to feed at that trough? Think about it, when Tiger was a single guy his stock was even higher for the very same type of gals who soon swooned to be his mistresses—he had to know that. And by the looks of his lair—he was one heck of a trophy hunter himself!

Maybe I’m old school—even ancient school. Heck, back in the day plenty of women turned the other cheek and not just the wives of mob guys with their goomars. Plenty of old time couples (especially the high-profile variety) dealt with infidelity—quietly and privately.

Nowadays, it’s not just the men either. As women have become more powerful and influential, we find ourselves with the newest carnal craze—the Cougar! Women (married or otherwise) are turning to younger men as pure sexual objects and boy toys—you go girl! Folks simply need to loosen up—be more honest with one another. Heck, guy’s wake up with, well, wood. And women, why, we can reload with little provocation! Until society gets sophisticated enough to except a little hanky-panky.

And opportunists are reduced to simply being in the right place at the right time—we’re going to have these sex-sational stories coming from all over the board. That’s why I’m all for the legal brothel proposition. Have your fun in a safe- environment. No tattling. No paparazzi, no disease, no unwanted pregnancies or blackmail—just the funky stuff!

In the words of Larry Flynt—“Relax, it’s just SEX!”

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