Sunset’s Super Bowl Bet

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Sunset Thomas, a girl who knows something about Balls, err Bowls, and who is an adopted daughter of San Francisco (via Sam Conti), has challenged Bulldog from Maryland and the cast of the Rude Awakening Show ( — also home of the Ravens— to a Super Bowl Bet!!!

If the Ravens win, Sunset sends San Francisco’s famous Sourdough bread to Bull Dog, however, if the 49’ers pull it off (something Sunset also knows a wee-bit about), then Bull Dog and the crew from the greatest party pad in the world (, will be shipping Bull Dog Baltimore Maryland Crab Cakes to Vegas! “It’s on” said Sunset.

“Seafood is something I’m fond of and Seacrets rocks the Eastern Seafront, so I’ll be happy to have a package delivered! As for the Sourdough bread, I’m gonna have my boys from Baghdad by the Bay, ship it to me directly—so I can savor it with my Crab Cakes!”

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