Super Gonorrhea vs. Pedophilia

I would like to explain to you who I am.

Some of you may not know me. Some of you may not know that I am a public figure and think I just became one because I put my face in an internet camera.

I started in the business in 1995 and created a company called Extreme Video. Evan Wright, who wrote Generation Kill and articles for several magazines including Time and Rolling Stone was at the time writing for Hustler magazine and did an article on me and called me the future of porn.

From there I went and created a company called Extreme Associates and revolutionized what extreme was. I served prison time for obscenity, defending the First Amendment, beat the government once, the decision was overturned by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, which had current Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts sitting on the panel at the time.

I got sold out by my attorney H. Louis Sirkin and agreed to a plea deal in which I was told my wife would not go to prison. My wife received a year in prison and I received the same.

We lost everything, including our marriage.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am still here almost twenty years later. The entire world listens to my show. I am telling you about the corruption of the backstabbing cocksuckers that have ruined this business. I am here to expose this corrupt power structure that has brought this business to where it is today.

My name is Rob Black aka Robert Zicari and I have been here for a very long time. And I am the most public motherfucker there is.

All of you who seem to think I am a Johnny-come-lately need to do your homework and find out who I am.

You can’t do anything with this business until you destroy the sitting leadership. I have no aspirations to sit in a leadership position with the people who are part of it now.

As the business destroys itself, with my help the pieces that will be put back together a new organization will form that I will support. There will be new protocols in place, from talent on down. Those of you who don’t support it will can fuck off to Vegas and those who remain will flourish and succeed.

Anyone who hasn’t supported it after we’ve shown you countless examples of how the current structure in the business has destroyed it, you can all fuck off. If you haven’t come now you’re a gutless bitch and you’re not gonna come ever.

If we find out next week that super gonorrhea is running rampant through the talent, you know what? I really don’t give a fuck. I was the one who told you about Cameron Bay crying her eyes out at being demonized by the business, I was the one who told you about John Stagliano putting his bare HIV infected hands and cock in talent, I was the one who told you about Mr. Marcus infecting several girls with syphilis who had to carry around doctor notes.

None of you did anything and you laughed at me and called me a liar. You didn’t wear condoms and continued with business as usual.

So if the CDC comes down next week and says there are multiple performers with super gonorrhea, I don’t really care. You all were told what you had to do and you ignored it and continued to put yourselves at risk.

I’m not going to sit here and try to help people that don’t want to be helped. Why would I want to help talent that didn’t care enough to wear a condom when three people in a month came down with HIV. When it was revealed that a performer worked with active hepatitis C for three years and nobody cared enough in the leadership to even discuss it.

Now that there is super gonorrhea, do you really think that anything’s gonna change or that I give a fuck? Fuck you! I don’t fucking care. Sorry.

This business doesn’t care enough to speak out or explain its association with a well known pedophile. The Washington Times, BBC World News, several news sources in Romania all reported the actions of Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow and his involvement in a child pornography ring and his incarceration. Yet XBIZ, who had this man on a panel at XBIZ 360 hasn’t spoken about it and Mike South flat out lied about a panel discussion in Vegas and said Brackob/Treptow was invited, when in fact he organized and bankrolled the whole affair.

This stuff has been going on for years and until I came along and told you about it you all bought everything Free Speech Coalition sold you. That’s why you all hate me. Because I destroyed your little house of bullshit. You all discovered that the people behind the curtain were weak puny cocksuckers. It’s five or six people who have run around for years unchecked. If someone was there three years ago fighting like I am we would have already gotten change. But none of you people have done a fucking thing.

We can all talk until we’re blue in the face, but nothing is going to be done with the structure that is there now.

So I hope this history lesson has been informative. I don’t speak on anything unless I fucking know what I’m talking about. I’m very careful to make sure that what I report is well documented. I get so many emails of shit that is just retarded. We have too many things to do to post emails of why Japanese porn is good or some guy named Scott Sparks is mean to girls.

Monica Foster broke the story of Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow a week ago. Since then we’ve shown that when people like Mike South was trying to say that Julie Meadows couldn’t have known about a pedophile on the panel she was speaking on, that he was a liar and that she conducted an interview with him.

You’re really gonna try to tell me that an attorney like Marc Randazza wouldn’t have done any research on a guy who was paying him to be on a panel?

Monica Foster and I both get emails from people who post on Mike South’s message board who tell us, “Hey man, pedophiles are bad, and I don’t like pedophiles either, but super gonorrhea’s real bad.” I say Mike South is covering for these people who associate with them and nobody wants to say anything. Mike South even said I was beating a dead horse.

He says that Free Speech Coalition is gonna say they didn’t know. But we’re talking about different people who knew also. He’s covering for Marc Randazza, the attorney who advertises on his site. He’s covering for his friend Julie Meadows. Why is he dodging the issue? Why?

This is something that has been going on for a year. Brackob/Treptow is a child pornographer who stars in his own productions. That is a fact. Everybody knew.

And right in the middle of all this heat there is a strain of super gonorrhea and we need to shut the business down.

So we have super gonorrhea. Mike South reports on it, but it’s all hearsay. We’re supposed to take him at his word when he can’t even address the inconsistencies in his story about child fucker Kurt Brackob/Treptow.

Mike South says when there is more news he’ll report on it. But there is a ton of news. And all the questions that have been raised haven’t been answered.

We’re talking about a serious issue with a bunch of people involved and we get thrown super gonorrhea. Free Speech Coalition puts out an article denying it, but they didn’t ever talk about the hepatitis C issue with Alex Gonz. Free Speech Coalition hasn’t said one word about it. Why are they talking about something that is pure speculation, but the Alex Gonz thing is true? They didn’t put out a press release about something that Derek Hay and Alex Gonz held a press conference about and AVN, XBIZ and Mike South all covered.

XBIZ prints the Free Speech Coalition press release refuting Mike South’s claim about super gonorrhea, but doesn’t talk about the pedophile that they had on their panel at XBIZ 360 earlier this year.

If this isn’t completely bizarre, if this doesn’t freak you out and show you how the structure of this business is completely fucked up, I don’t know what to tell you.

Nobody cares about HIV, hepatitis C, talent exposed to syphilis with doctor notes or people doing business with convicted pedophiles. But you’re all gonna care about super gonorrhea.


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