Super Hot to Trot Teach Accused of Having of Sex with Lucky Student

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From – A Bryant teacher accused of having sex with a student will soon be charged with sexual assault. The ninth grade English teacher is accused of having sex with a boy, who is now seventeen. Police say the boy claims that he and the teacher had sex as recently as June of this year.

31-year-old Courtney Speer is expected to be charged tomorrow with having sex with one of her students on more than one occasion.

“I knew the teacher personally so you know it’s kind of shocking because she was a sweet lady I just didn’t expect that to come from her,” said Karley Arterburn, a former Bryant High School student. “Everybody liked her because she was a cool teacher,” she said.

But even though students knew about Speer they were still shocked to hear the news.

“I’m kind of shocked. It’s kind of crazy to know that it can happen in your own school,” said Morgan Ross, also a graduate of Bryant High School.

Speer is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy at least six times. The first time was in the school parking lot when he was in the ninth grade.

“I don’t believe it was anything that was forced but still though you’re looking at a teacher, authority figure in the school and then a student you can’t have that,” said Sgt. Todd Crowson, of the Bryant Police Department.

After the student told officials Monday, Speer resigned shortly after.

“She went in yesterday turned in her resignation and left. I do know that she left the area,” said Crowson.

One parent says she has heard of these cases but never thought it would happen at her child’s high school.

“Shocked that it would happen in Bryant, this is one of the top school districts so I didn’t expect anything like that to happen here,” said Beverly Arterburn, a parent. “I don’t think authority should ever step over the bounds. I really look down on this,” she said.

Speer was supposed to meet with investigators today. She ended up getting an attorney so she will be turning herself in tomorrow afternoon at the Saline County Jail. We also reached out to the school for comment and they declined saying it is a personnel issue.

Police are not excluding the possibility that Speer was involved with other students.

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