Superstar Billy Graham Speaks Out Against the Linda McMahon Senatorial Campaign

from – Former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, a candidate for the Republican nomination to run against Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), is now facing some strong attacks from a Mr. Eldridge Wayne Coleman — a.k.a. “Superstar Billy Graham,” a former pro-wrestler who worked for McMahon.

“She may look like a Sunday school teacher,” said Graham, who described himself a conservative, and who supports one of McMahon’s GOP rivals, former Rep. Rob Simmons. “Linda McMahon’s hands are as bloody as her husband’s [Vince McMahon] because she is aware of every move in the ring.”

Graham said that the McMahons condoned steroid use that damaged wrestlers’ health (including himself), didn’t provide health care or pensions to those same wrestlers, and have quickly shifted from all manner of inappropriate TV programming — ranging from wrestlers being told to cut themselves with razors in order to bleed on stage, to “bra and panty” wrestling matches between scantily-clad female performers — to cleaner content in the run-up to her campaign.

The WWE and the McMahon campaign characterized Graham as a disgruntled ex-employee — and he’s not denying it. “I am disgruntled,” he said. “I am bitter. I am mad at Vince McMahon for not having health care. Absolutely print that. Absolutely, I’m bitter to the core.”

Who knows, McMahon could soon face attacks from the Swift Boat Wrestlers For Truth, and their startling revelation about her career: Wrestling is fake.

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