Surprised? LA Times Literally Sells Out Adult Biz By Endorsing “Yes” On Measure B on Its Front Page

I guess you had to read the LA Times editorial supporting “No” on Measure B closely.

It’s a definite case of flip-flopping when you have jargon like this: “Not every argument put forward by either the AIDS Healthcare Foundation or the pornography industry can be accepted at face value.”

Wow, there’s a strong position in the industry’s favor.

Then you have The Times saying this: “Testing helps. But there is lag time between the time of the test and the next film, and performers could easily be infected during that period.”

Isn’t that Michael Weinstein’s position?

Then I could swear Stacie Halas’ lawyer wrote the following: “Porn is, after all, porn, and even though it has become more accepted in mainstream culture in recent decades and is occasionally considered hip where it was once widely dismissed as smut, it will never be universally embraced.”

Remember how Michael Jackson was famous for his moonwalk? Here it is depicted in a sentence: “If Los Angeles County could demonstrate that it was ready, willing and able to enforce a permit and condom requirement or that producers would not simply evade the requirement by leaving the county (and if audiences would choose to watch explicit sex scenes depicting condoms), Measure B could merit support.”

The we have The Times wrapping it up by saying:
“Performers should use condoms. Producers should encourage them to do so.”

So I guess a lot of you out there didn’t read the editorial but took the word of your fellow Tweeters that The Times was in your corner. And if you still think that, consider this: on Thursday of this week, every issue of the Times bore a sticker urging you to Vote “Yes” on Measure B.

Maybe Michael Weinstein and his group couldn’t buy an editorial, but they did one better. The bought the entire newspaper.

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