Tabitha Stevens on Howard Stern; Promotes

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from – Howard had Tabitha Stevens come in. He said she has her own TV channel on the internet now. Tabitha came in and Howard asked what’s up with the tan. She said it’s a lotion that gives her that color. Robin was laughing about that for some reason.

Howard had Tabitha stand up and show her body. He said she has no cellulite on there at all. Howard asked if the video she has out is porn or a legitimate work out video. She said it’s legitimate.

Tabitha said she’s 42 and people ask her how she stays so tiny. She said she eats healthy and does these exercises. Howard asked what he should eat. Tabitha said she eats oatmeal with craisins. She said she uses real maple syrup too. Howard asked how much she eats. Tabitha said she sticks to small portions. She said she’ll have about 3 meals with snacks between. She said she eats a lot but doesn’t count calories. Howard said it must be the work out that keeps it off.

Howard said that JD was going to join her to do the work out but he doesn’t want to be naked. Sal and Richard might get naked for her. Howard asked if her parents are ripped like she is. Tabitha said that she’s adopted so she doesn’t know.

JD came in and said he’s made fun of enough with clothes on. He doesn’t want to be out of his clothes and get made fun of even more. Howard told him to think about it because they’re not doing it yet.

Howard asked if the work out is hard. Tabitha said that it’s pretty tough but not that tough. Howard asked if it’s true that she slept with Mike Tyson. Tabitha said that she did back in 1991. She said she was a stripper back then and she was a big fan of his.

She said he came into the club she was working at and they called her to the back office. She said they left her alone with him. Tabitha said she was so new to the game that she had no clue about stripping. She said she had no idea how the whole thing worked. She said they did it on the floor of the office of the strip club. Robin asked if there was any talking at all. Tabitha said it was mostly grunting. She said that he was kind of quiet and shy. Tabitha said she was up for it though.

Tabitha said he was wearing overalls that were made of leather. Howard said that sounds like some look. Howard said wearing that you have to bang a chick to prove you’re heterosexual. Tabitha said Mike has a girthy penis. She said it’s not all that long but it has girth.

Howard asked if Tabitha has had other guys who were girthier. She said she has. She said that she had a famous guy who had a penis the length of her arm. She said that it was too much for her. She couldn’t take it. Howard asked if it was Colin Farrell. She said no. Howard asked if it was Mr. Ed. Tabitha was laughing and said no to everyone he asked about.

Howard said he read that she slept with Charlie Sheen. Tabitha said everyone knew about that. Howard said she slept with Judd Nelson and Mickey Rourke too. Tabitha said that Judd had a nice size penis. She said he’s about as big as Charlie Sheen and Charlie is pretty big. Tabitha said that she was with Mickey when he was doing the Iron Man movie.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Tabitha claims that she never did a black guy. Now she’s saying that she did Tyson. Tabitha said she was talking about doing it on film back then. She said that Mike was back when she was a stripper. She said that she didn’t want to bring up his name because she was trying to protect him.

Howard said he read that Tabitha and Eric the Actor spend 2-3 hours a day on the phone. Tabitha said sometimes they do. Howard said her work out must be pretty quick. Tabitha said that she’ll talk to Eric for an hour before bed once in a while.

Howard got Eric on the phone and asked what they talk about. Eric said they talk about women and things like that. Tabitha said they talk about all kinds of things. She said they talk at night about family and girls he likes and things. Howard asked if she would have sex with Eric. Tabitha said she’s married and she wouldn’t do that. She said they’re just friends. Howard asked about Tabitha’s husband and if they are millionaires. She said they do well. She said they’re doing okay. Tabitha said she would say they are millionaires. Howard asked if she has a pace car. She said they don’t. Howard said she must not be doing that well then.

Howard said Tabitha is there to promote this TV show she’s doing. She said she’s giving away the exercise video on She said the video is a real work out video.

Howard said he sees that JD is there to work out. JD didn’t want to take his clothes off but he did take some off. They made fun of him so he wanted to get dressed. Howard said Robin just said that she’s not sure they can show those titties on camera. He might have to put on a bikini.

Howard asked Tabitha if he was seeing pubic hair on her. She said he is and it’s good for shooting. She said she hasn’t done anything in over a year though. Howard said it looks like ZZ Top down there. Howard said he prefers it shaved. Tabitha agreed. She said that her husband likes it with hair for photos. He doesn’t want her to go too crazy. Howard said JD could swing from that bush.

Howard said JD is ready to work out. JD said the faster they do this the faster he can put his shirt on. Howard asked Tabitha to show him some exercises that he can do with her. Tabitha asked him to take his pants off but JD wasn’t going to do that. Tabitha had him spread his legs and get behind her to do some warm up exercises.

Tabitha had JD follow what she was doing. She was squeezing her stomach and tried to get JD to do the same. Howard asked her to give him an exercise for his chest. He said JD has bigger tits than Tabitha does. Tabitha had him moving and doing some stuff. She wasn’t describing what she was doing though.

Howard asked where Richard and Sal were. Gary said Sal said he was coming in. Howard said he didn’t come in. Sal came in a short time later. He said that they saw JD’s flabby body and he stayed out. JD said he’s putting his shirt back on now.

Tabitha wanted to do a 69 position and have JD kiss her ass cheeks. JD said he’s not kissing her ass cheeks. Howard said Sal is going to join in now. Howard told him to stay away from JD. Howard had JD and Tabitha do their thing. Tabitha wanted him to do 10 sit ups but JD said he’s not going to kiss her ass every time. Howard said he thinks JD has had enough for one day. Tabitha said she should have farted on him.

Howard said that Tabitha has shown then that exercise can be fun. He said if you’re a little heavy you see it and you work harder to get rid of it.

Howard said Eric is going to have to watch that on Howard TV. Eric said he realizes that. Howard said you can check out Tabitha’s stuff at

Tabitha said that she will give JD some tokens for this cam site she works for.

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