Tale of the Tape: Club Bouncers Know the Sladewski Story

from www.nydailynews.com – Video from a Miami nightclub shows a Playboy model exiting the club hours before her body was found smoldering in a Dumpster.

A surveillance tape shows Paula Sladewski, 26, leaving Club Space just after 7 a.m. Jan. 3. On the video, two men who are initially talking in the lobby of the club, move to exit right after Sladewski leaves, ABC News reported.

Sladewski’s sister confirmed to ABC News that the blond seen on the tape was the model who posed in Playboy and the movie “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search.”

“It’s clear in the video, the guy following her out,” said David Wasser, a private investigator hired by Sladewski’s boyfriend, told ABC News. According to Wasser, who obtained the video from the club and gave it to cops, the men seen on tape are bouncers at the nightclub and need to be questioned further about the murder.

“Those bouncers know everything,” he told ABC News. “They followed her out when she came walking by as you can see in that tape. They just bolt like lightning following her out the door when she left, so there were people that were watching her.”

Kelly Farris, Sladewski’s sister, said she agrees and wants North Miami Police to focus on the men.

“These bouncers, if they weren’t involved, they do know who this person is,” Farris said.

Three sources have confirmed to ABC News that cops are searching for a person of interest who was seen on surveillance video outside the club walking away with Sladewski, although they only have a vague description of the person as a black male.

Sladewski and her boyfriend Kevin Klym were in Miami for a weekend of partying to celebrate New Year’s.

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