Tasha Reign Reviews In This Moment’s Song ‘Blood’ for RockConfidential.com

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Tasha Reign reviews In This Moment’s song, “Blood” in her newest music column / vlog (video blog) for RockConfidential.com.

Watching lead singer Maria Brink in the “Blood” music video prompts Tasha to exclaim, “There’s something about dripping red blood and a sexy blonde vixen that makes me all wet. She wears a royal crown and sits on her throne with half-naked girls surrounding her. In my opinion it’s the perfect set-up for a porno!”

Tasha is a longtime advocate of strong female rock performers, including Australian rapper Iggy Azalea (“She is completely unique to anything I’ve ever heard, and I love how sexually empowered she is … I predict she will become the most popular female rapper ever.”) and Halestorm lead singer Lzzy Hale (“Combine the catchy lyrics and powerful riffs with how hot Lzzy Hale, the front woman is … I love girls and women in charge, so I’m instantly attracted to Halestorm.”)

“The screaming punk-rock vocals and making out between the women make it the ultimate bad-girl song,” Tasha purrs in her vlog review. “I want to see the singer have sex now because of all the foreplay she has given the audience. This has to be a hit… It’s definitely switched my choice in music overnight.”

RockConfidential.com Editor Jesse Capps says, “Tasha is really getting the attention of music fans everywhere with her reviews, and it’s even cooler when the bands take notice! Her love of music always shines through with a sexy sincerity that makes me interested in anything she has to say!”

Dubbed “The World’s Hottest Music Critic” by RockConfidential.com, Tasha uses her fame and visibility as an adult star and Penthouse Pet to spotlight groups and performers worthy of praise and recognition. Tasha’s vlogs also appear in print in Rock Confidential’s quarterly print magazine. The publication has reported a 20 percent increase in traffic on the days her videos post online.

Pete Loran, vocalist for rock band Trixter, says, “I remember seeing Tasha’s video review of our song ‘Tattoos and Misery,’ and I fell instantly in lust with her! Since then we’ve become friends, and I’ll tell ya this, she is an incredibly cool, gorgeous, and hard working girl who really cares about her fans.”

To watch Tasha Reign’s review of “Blood” by In This Moment, and to see the official video, visit www.rockconfidential.com/inside/2012/08/tasha-reviews-blood-by-in-this-moment/.

To watch Tasha dancing to “Blood” by In This Moment, visit www.rockconfidential.com/inside/2012/08/tasha-dances-to-blood-by-in-this-moment/.

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Tasha Reign balances her career as one of the fastest rising stars in adult entertainment with her undergraduate studies at UCLA. Though a women’s studies major, Tasha has completed three music appreciation courses at school. Whether analyzing Bach and Mozart by day or stripping to Nine Inch Nails and Def Leppard by night, Tasha Reign brings a unique perspective to music critique.

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