Tasha Reign’s PayPal Argument Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

Tasha Reign is very upset.

I’m certainly no friend to corporate America, but this whole uproar over banks like Chase closing porn star accounts and payment processor PayPal engaging in “slut-shaming” is kinda silly. What’s even sillier is when Tasha Reign tries to compare her not being able to sell her tuna fish panties online with civil rights struggles and the battle for gender equality. Trying to say that being a hooker or peddling pornography or whatever sexuality oriented material is in the same class as women not getting equal pay or black people not being able to sit in a certain seat in a diner without being beaten and fire-hosed is absurd.

It’s Chase’s prerogative, it’s PayPal’s prerogative whether they want to be in business with or process payments for someone who sells their dirty underwear to some pervert in Mississippi. It’s funny that people in porn think they have some kind of argument when there are banks in Colorado who will not do business with the marijuana industry, even though it’s legal under state law and the US Attorney General has stated that the government will not go after them for doing so. The president has even come out and said it’s OK to do business with the weed guys, but the banks don’t wanna get into that whole illegal under federal law gray area. But, Tasha Reign and a couple other girls are upset that Chase and PayPal doesn’t want to get into the dirty movie and tuna smelling underwear industry and they claim discrimination.

Tasha Reign says “It wasn’t so long ago when race and gender determined whether you could open a bank account; now those of us who choose a job where we have sex with other consenting adults are being discriminated against with impunity.” Tasha seems to think that everyone in America looks at what we do as normal. “What? I sell my pussy. What’s the problem?” Tasha, my dear. There are still places where they enact laws to keep black people from voting. Voter ID laws are put into place to prevent people of color from being able to vote. How open do you think these people are to you selling your pussy? The people who live in these states and enact these laws are the people who run these banks.

People in Middle America don’t have the same casual attitude about two guys blowing each other or girls getting cum up their asshole as you do, Tasha. For you to equate it to women’s suffrage or Martin Luther King’s dream is laughable.

“I have a dream that one day I can sell my tuna fish underwear and sell my big black cock to whoever wants to suck it. I have a dream.”

“I also have a dream that I eat in a diner without getting beaten by cops, hosed down by firemen and eaten by dogs. I have a dream today.”

Tasha says:

“It’s a slippery slope, so it’s up to us to publicize these terrible business practices and stand up for ourselves before another misguided corporation’s interpretation of the law makes it impossible for more people to do business.”

Tasha acts as if pornography is an important enough component of our financial sector for these banks to give a fuck. She even says “Rejecting banking fees, interest rates and payment-processing fees from an industry that makes more than $3,000 a second does not make any financial sense. Is our industry so “dirty” that they would shun these sorts of profits?”

Tasha went on Nightline and says that nobody is making any money on porn because of free content and she has to work for the pirates because they are the only ones shooting. Who is making 3000 dollars a second? Whoever is I doubt gives a fuck about not having a PayPal card.

Tasha, when you talk about obscenity and the Miller test, you need to understand how obscenity law works. Under the Miller test, everything we produce in the adult industry could be considered obscene and it’s up to us, the pornographers, to prove that it’s not. It’s not the other way around, baby doll.

Paypal says:

“Under the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for certain sexually oriented materials or services or for items that could be considered obscene.”

And Tasha says:

“Apparently PayPal presumes to define what is obscene, rather than yielding to accepted social standards, in this case as defined by American law in the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Miller v. California, also referred to as the Miller test. My movies are legally sold all over the United States, making PayPal’s presumptions as to what qualifies as obscene preposterous.”

What’s preposterous is that Tasha doesn’t seem to realize that PayPal isn’t going to process payments for materials that “could be” considered obscene. Tasha, just because you sell your movies all over the United States, that doesn’t mean that they’re not obscene. Anytime a prosecutor or a DA wanted to take a Tasha Reign DVD and charge you with obscenity, they could, honey.

I ran a business for 5 years and shipped DVDs all over the country. I was doing exactly what you are doing. One day, a federal prosecutor named Mary Beth Buchanan decided she was gonna go after me for obscenity. She took movies that had been out for a year and brought obscenity charges against me. Same thing with John Stagliano. Stagliano had been in business for 15 years, doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Shipping a DVD across state lines. For someone who is being educated at such a prestigious university, you have no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to obscenity law. You shoulda fact checked a little, hon.

Again, read what PayPal says “…PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for certain sexually oriented materials or services or for items that could be considered obscene.” Guess what, Tasha? Any movie you’ve done could be considered obscene. If a prosecutor wants to indict you, they can. In a legal technical sense, everything we make is obscene. It’s up to us to prove to a jury that it’s not. It’s the only law that you don’t know you’ve broken until after you’ve broken it. It’s fucked up, but that’s the way it is. That’s obscenity law under the Miller Test.

So when you write letters to Al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood supporting news site, you should educate yourself a little bit. When you talk about filing lawsuits, you should know that you don’t have a legal leg to stand on with this phrase “COULD be considered obscene.” That’s PayPal’s out. Using the obscenity argument under the Miller test, you’ve basically shot yourself in your fake tit.

Then to use the comparisons to civil rights and gender equality makes you look incredibly ridiculous. When you have someone swipe their card into your PayPal account to pay for dirty panties, a cam show or a blow job and PayPal cancels your account and you think people are gonna be outraged, PayPal says, “No they’re not.”

“I’m gonna write a story on Al-Jazeera and people are gonna be so upset!”

“No, they’re not. Al Jazeera supports terrorism.”

“Well, people are gonna be upset that I can’t sell my legal pornographic films.”

“No, they’re not. Your movies are only legal because they haven’t been busted yet. They can be at any time, by any prosecutor in any town in America.”

“Well then…”

“Honey, there is no ‘Well then.’ We’re a corporation and we don’t want to do business with someone who has sex for a living or sells material that can be busted at any time. We don’t want to, we don’t have to and it’s not the same as a black man not being able to sit down at a counter or go to the bathroom or drink out of a fountain. Take your tuna smelling panties back to your UCLA gender studies classes and fuck off.”

Tasha, I respect you for trying to be smart. I really do. Maybe if you hung out with a more intelligent class of people than Derek Hay, you might actually get smarter. Basically when you hang out with people that you’re smarter than, it doesn’t bode well for upping your intelligence level.

Nice try, though.

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