Taylor Stevens Profiled on Complex.com

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Los Angeles– Webcam goddess and performer Taylor Stevens got personal with Julian Patterson from Complex Magazine for an exclusive interview that is currently available at www.Complex.com. Stevens opened up about her life as a webcam model, her involvement in sports and her love for rapper Drake.

In this very riveting interview, Taylor also opens up about her recent battle fighting lymphoma and divulges how she got her start in the adult business.

“The interview with Complex Magazine was absolutely fantastic,” says Stevens.

“It allowed me to look into myself and what really has brought me to the amazing point I am at right now, in my life. Sometimes we spend too much time thinking about how much further we have to go then how much we have already done. This article reminds me of the woman I am inside out. I am very thankful for everything I’ve done and gone through in my life and have zero regrets. I’d like to thank my fans, and certainly Complex Magazine, for reminding me of that.”

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