Tera Patrick: Fight with Digital Playground Sent Her Over the Edge and the Brink of Suicide

Tera Patrick’s lucky in that the end didn’t find her in a dumpster or a trash bin where a few models have wound up this past year including the current tragic tale of Playboy model Paula Sladewski.

However Patrick did find herself in a loony bin and almost committed suicide, she says, over her fallout with Digital Playground. Was she being overly dramatic? Not by this account.

Patrick, who has written a book titled Sinner Take All, jumps right into the thick of things by describing events in the psych ward of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan where she spent 14 days. She talks about having had a psychotic breakdown and how Evan Seinfeld had to bind her hands behind her back with duct tape so she wouldn’t harm himself.

“I wanted to end my misery and I wanted to end my life. I couldn’t handle any of it anymore,” Patrick states.

She goes on to relate how she was strapped to a gurney and how the cops had questioned Seinfeld about the events leading up to her breakdown.

“The psych ward frightened me,” she says. “I was just a porn chick going through a rough time trying to get out of my contract.”

Patrick describes the women she shared the ward with including a Middle Eastern girl with delusions about becoming a suicide bomber. Patrick’s cellphone had been confiscated and her only contact with the outside world was a pay phone. On one occasion, she attempted an escape and an orderly wrestled her to the ground. On another, she walked out into the hallway fully naked and berated a nurse because she was told to take a shower.

Evan Seinfeld, who, in the book gives his perspective on some incidents, talked about how in the fall of 2002 while he was on tour with his group Biohazard, Patrick first attacked him. Her screams alerted hotel security and the cops came.

“I was like Edward Norton in Fight Club,” he says. “I always had a new scar, bruise or black eye.” But this was just a precursor to her big meltdown he says. When she went after him another time, that’s when he wrapped her hands in duct tape and drove her to St. Vincent’s. Patrick tried to convince the nurses and cops that it was Seinfeld who was the crazy one.

For her part, Patrick explains how the doctors told her she was suffering a series of symptoms similar to bipolar disorder. At first she was in denial but once she began following doctors’ orders she was deemed fit to leave but fought for days with Seinfeld over the fact that he had her committed. He insisted that he loved her and was going to help her see her way through it.

“Evan vowed to help me get better and to become successful on my own terms,” she writes. “And that’s exactly what he did.”

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