Tera Patrick: Sam at Digital Playground Copped Her Cellphone and That was The Beginning of the End

I got a hold of Tera Patrick’s book Sinner Takes All because I was curious to see how Patrick was going to handle her falling out with Digital Playground to whom she was under contract since I had been actively covering that story and even spoke to Patrick’s attorneys on one or two occasions.

As you might expect, since there was a gag order in place, Patrick, in the book, doesn’t go into minutiae of the suit but says that Steve Hirsch convinced her to settle with DP. [That would make sense since Hirsch was the one who benefitted the most from an agreement so Patrick could come over to Vivid.]

However Patrick relates an interesting story as an illustration of what led to the falling out at DP. As her relationship with Evan Seinfeld progressed, Patrick was convinced that Samantha over at Digital was trying to sabotage the relationship.

On one particular road trip, Patrick talks about how she slept with her cellphone so she wouldn’t miss any of Seinfeld’s calls. But one morning she woke up to discover the phone was missing. Sam told her she must have dropped the phone somewhere and not to worry that they’d report it stolen.

“Later that day, Sam left her purse in the back of the cab and a phone fell out,” Patrick relates, noting that she had asked to borrow the phone.

At first it didn’t dawn on her but when a call came in saying “Tera Cell” on the screen, Patrick put two and two together.

“I was shocked. Sam had apparently taken my phone and hid it in her purse,” Patrick says.

“I had my suspicions about Digital and Sam but that incident made it clear to me that it was time to leave. I called her out on the phone situation and she admitted that she had taken it.”

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