Tera Patrick Signing With Sinister X Syndicate

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Seismic waves shock and spread through the valley, and this time, it’s not caused by a Black Canary war cry, it’s caused by truly ground breaking news, that adult industry living legend Tera Patrick will be signing along side Sinister X Syndicate at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, and working with the Syndicate on other upcoming projects too.

Sinister X Syndicate leading lady Lizzy Borden reached out to Patrick for the signing, and Patrick was excited about the opportunity.

“I’m honored, and excited to be working with Lizzy Borden FINALLY !! I’m a fan of all she does and have a lot of respect for Lizzy as a Performer , Director , and fellow business woman. She is also a friend and I look forward to future projects together.”

For Lizzy Borden, the opportunity to work with Tera Patrick is something she is not just excited about, but something she is serious about too.

“Tera is a huge star, and I’m humbled that she would accept our invitation and work with us. I’m a long time fan, she’s been a long time friend, and now finally the timing is right for us to work on some smoking hot super hero projects, and i’m going to bring my A-Game to the table, for an A-List girl like Tera.”

Along with the Comic-Con signing, Patrick will also take part in the Sinister X Syndicate’s Extreme Entertainment Network, playing Spider Woman, in an episodic series available on the company’s “Access Anywhere, Access Everywhere” XentNet content delivery platform, allowing members to view the content on their computers, tablets, mobile devices and TVs in HD with a ROKU set top box. If that wasn’t enough, talks of a non porn comic book are in the works as well.

For a company who has been making headlines for the past few months, this could be the biggest announcement to date. Sinister X Syndicate Head of Sales Dave Peskin is glowing about this acquisition, as Peskin and Patrick go way back. Peskin is Tera Patrick’s former national sales manager, and his excitement and enthusiasm is explosive.

“The six years I spent working with Tera Patrick was a magical time. Working with her again in the present through the future is a salesman’s dream. I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of such a perfect pairing, and it pleases me so to have her in our booth at Comic-Con, on our Extreme Entertainment Network as Spider Woman, and involved with other promotional projects and signings. Having the legend Tera Patrick in the Sinister X Syndicate is history in the making.”

Patrick will be signing with the Syndicate Friday July 13th and Saturday July 14th and will then be appearing as part of “The Naughty Show” at The American Comedy Co.

With all the excitement of the news, and preparation for Comic-Con, company leader Sinister X wasn’t as boisterously loud as usual, instead his demeanor was much more like his namesake, sinister and sly. When asked his opinion about working with Tera Patrick, a smile spread across his face, a suppressed chuckle and laugh escaped his mouth, and a hand slapped his forehead as he shook his head with a maniacal motion.

“With great power comes great responsibility. Since I have launched the Syndicate all of our news has been big. Now, we just dropped something even bigger. With great power comes great responsibility… How true it is.”

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