Tera Patrick Talks About Her “Raw Deal” DP Contract and Being Plastered for Playboy’s Night Calls 411

In her book, Sinner Takes All, Tera Patrick talks about how she signed a contract with Digital Playground without reading it or having an attorney look it over.

“I blindly signed on the dotted line,” states Patrick who asked for and got $5,000 a month. Patrick says Digital Playground’s Samantha Lewis was quick to agree to those terms.

“I found out later what a raw deal I signed,” continues Patrick who relays a funny incident about the first time she attended the porn convention in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t know what or how to sign an autograph. I was thinking about how Marilyn Monroe signed her name. I said to my new friend [Teri Weigel], ‘Hey, Teri, how do you sign an autograph?'”

According to Patrick things were happening fast with Digital Playground who got her the Playboy TV gig, Night Calls 411 Live as the Net Nympho.

“I loved being on TV, but I loved it a little too much,” Patrick relates.

“Every day was a party for me, and I was drinking more heavily than I ever had. I didn’t do a single episode of Night Calls sober.”

Patrick says she’d often times go through a fifth of Jack Daniels by nights end.

“I’m shocked I didn’t get fired.” Probably because the production manager was supplying it to her, according to Patrick.

Patrick also talks about how her fight with DP led her to the brink of suicide: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=39457 and how her cellphone was taken to keep her from communicating with Evan Seinfeld www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=39453

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