Tera Patrick: “You can’t be about the cunt; People don’t want to work with girls who have a bad attitude”; New Girls Do Not Need a Talent Agent; *Tera Does a Little Salad Tossing

[I do believe that Tera Patrick just raised hair on Derek Hay’s head.]

The former wife of the world renowned Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick, was a recent guest of Rebecca Bardoux’s on XXX Porn Star Radio.

Patrick had to mention that she wrote a memoir called Sinner Takes All. In fact, it was another porn star, Houston, who told me she couldn’t get a major publishing house interested in her book because Patrick’s tanked so badly. And I’m not just taking Houston’s word for it. I read the book and had to swear off literature in general for six months until I could regain my equilibrium.

“In it [the book] I recount the story of how I got into the industry and my first boyfriend who introduced me to porn,” Patrick went on to say.

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