“THAT’S RACISS!” Monica Foster Plays Race/Victim Card On Twitter After Phone Call Recordings Reveals That SHE’S The Racist!

Failed XXX performer Monica Foster‘s YouTube page has no less than SIX videos that mention racism in the title of the video – And these are just the videos that mention it in the title and these are only the top videos. There is no telling how many of her videos play the race and victim card if we were to dig deeper.

Baseball, apple pie and black people playing the race/victim card. All of these things are very American. But see, the problem is, black Americans are the most racist people on the planet earth and Fosters/Mayers is among the worst. She made horribly bigoted remarks at a young Thai woman during a recent phone conversation. When that conversation was uploaded to YouTube and exposed her as the racist, she reported the videos and had them taken down so as to cover her ass and make her look like the poor, innocent, oppressed little black victim that has never said a bad word about another person’s skin color.


What happens when a black American fails in life is that they use the victim/race card as a fall back and blame everyone else for their life fuck ups. Foster/Mayers mother Joan Rucker Mayers succeeded as a school teacher and her father Ivan Leacock Mayers succeeded as an engineer. There was nothing that held back Alexandra Mayers except…Alexandra Mayers. And it’s a shame her poor parents had to be brought into this but she can’t leave well enough alone. It’s much easier to play the race card than it is to own up to your own failures. We all saw how lousy she was as an XXX performer and we see how successful someone like Misty Stone is. Race has absolutely nothing to do with where Foster/Mayers is at in life today.


When it comes right down to it, Foster/Mayers just isn’t very attractive and her mediocre looks can’t make up for with her shitty attitude/personality. XXX was not the job for her. But instead of going and fucking off out of the business and  leaving XXX people alone, she has to hang around and stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. It hasn’t done her any good and even her few fans tell her to move on but she can’t do it. She has gone from a performer in her early 30’s living in her own apartment in Hollywood, California to a broken and beaten down, destitute old woman, buried in debt and sponging off others just to keep a roof over her head.


Thai XXX cam performer Heather Deep was called a “Monkey” and “Ching-Chong” among other slurs by the black American. Heather returned fire without resorting to slurs because not only is that not the way it’s done by Thai people but frankly, there’s so much more to make fun of about Foster than her racial background. That’s simply too easy. People can’t control their race but they can prevent themselves from becoming 37 year old life failures and walking punchlines. I mean, Foster/Mayers was even bad at being a prostitute. Rule 1 before entering the world of prostitution: Have a little bit of street smarts. When you’re a pampered little suburban broad you tend to do things like take bad checks after your john fucks you and those checks bounce. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Back to the pathetic YouTube page of Foster/Mayers. She’s not only playing the good old trusty, tried and true race card that black Americans love to play but she’s also fond of calling Donny Long a “male prostitute.” Here’s the problem: Most men would LOVE to be a male prostitute and get paid to get laid. It’s woman that are frowned on by becoming whores because frankly, they don’t really need to become whores. Even mediocre looking women like Foster could land a man, maybe not that’s wealthy but that’s comfortable to take care of them. She couldn’t even do that and had to whore herself out to pay her rent and even failed at that. The viewers in the asianswingerscouple cam show admit that they are envious of Mr. Long and mention how “Lucky” he is. We agree. Vanessa Long (Black, and we’ll get to that next), Britney Long (Latin), Heather Deep (Asian), the list goes on. It’s a rainbow of pussy for this lucky Floridian and he is living a charmed life.

Oh, and uh about Donny being “racist,” in addition to the Latin and Asian cam girls he employs to fuck and suck, he’s got a black one too – 19 year old cutie Vanessa Long, a young bartender. So, this “racist” is creating jobs for blacks and other cultures and the confused Foster calls him a racist? I don’t think so. What has Foster/Mayers ever done for black people? Let’s see, she hates all successful black performers and calls them Uncle Tom and House N’r, she won’t date black men and has publicly stated that she prefers white men, especially XXX industry white men like Matt Holder and Will Ryder, she doesn’t employ anyone so she has never created a job for a black person. It looks like she has done exactly squat to benefit the black community. So look in the mirror before you “Pop off at your fag hole!

Folks, Foster is just a bitter old maid that’s getting older and less attractive by the hour. And she wasn’t that attractive to begin with. It doesn’t matter what her obese fan base says, in the rude world she’s a 5, maybe a 6 at the outside. Her attitude drops her to about a 2. Her chances of landing a stable man to take care of her are slim, her chances to land an attractive man to take care of her are nil. There’s a little thing called the internet and all the good on you are on it. You really think any prospective boyfriend won’t research you before jumping into a relationship with you? Get. Fucking. Real.

So honey, the next time you want to try to play the race card, just know that it’s just a cop out and in no way is anyone holding you back because of the color of your skin. YOU and YOU ALONE fucked your life up and it’s only going to get worse. See, when you pick fights with people they will return the favor.



  1. You’re nice for stating that she’s a 5 OT 6, lol! I met her in person and she’s no where near being a 5! When I saw her walking down the street, she was power walking in high heels and her mouth was open catching bugs! She has no sex appeal. She is unable to walk down the street and have construction workers yelling and shouting at her.

    Her big glasses that take half of her face and her being cross eyed doesn’t help.

    Don’t forget, when she started out webcamming, Asian men were saying that she looks like a monkey! That’s why she HATES Asians so much and she went off on Heather.

    So again, after meeting her in person, she’s no where near being a 5. But kudos to you writer for being nice. It’s like when Ari Bass wife LIED and told Foster that she has a nice figure, it was called diplomacy.

    Post up her selfie of her being at the Valley of Fire and see if you can still rate her as a 5?! Lmao!!!!

  2. 6 at the OUTSIDE meaning if a guy was falling down drunk and hadn’t been laid in awhile, she might look like a 6. She’s a 5 at best, a 2 when she opens her mouth or a guy Googles her. And as mentioned, she’s falling by the day. She’ll be a 4 next year a 3 the year after, you get the idea. But yes, even as horrible as a person as she is, I can be diplomatic. She’s no Desiree Brennan for example.

  3. By the way, she rates herself as a 9 or a 10 – an “L.A. 9 or 10” and she’s not even half of that. I was being generous but she’s super generous with herself.

  4. Oh, and I have not seen her up close as you have. Remember, she has the benefit of photoshop online. I am sure the camera, lighting and editing adds a point or two to her rating.

    • I met Tori Black and Jessica Jaymes in person and they’re both 9’s. Jessica laughed when I had told her that she’s so hot that she could make a gay man go straight. Foster is not a California 9 unless she were to move into the jungle and live among the no English natives who run around butt naked.

      Desiree Brennan is so ugly that it caused her to have a hard life!

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