The Adult Industry Has Only Itself To Blame For AB 1576

We had some breaking news on Wednesday’s show. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

California Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s AB 1576, the statewide mandatory condom bill, passed by a vote of 8-4. Some people called it a “slim margin.” A slim margin would be 5-4. 8-4 is a landslide. I think 2 of the 4 were absent from the vote, so I guess they’re counting those as no votes. Now it goes to the full Assembly and if passed, goes to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for a signature.

This bill has been going back and forth throughout the past year, from committee to committee, rewritten and revised and finally cleared the hurdle that blocked it last December when Assemblyman Mike Gatto voted it down, prompting speculation of collusion with the big bad porn biz by AIDS Healthcare prez Michael Weinstein.

We reported on the band of freakshow misfits and nobodies who went up to Sacramento to argue against this bill. Now I know Rob Black’s a dummy who flunked out of porn, but if I could poke holes in their arguments before the committee, what do you think Mike Gatto and Co. were thinking when they were listening to the likes of Lorelei Lee and Karen Tynan rambling on?

Most of the people who testified on front of the Appropriations Committee were people I had never heard of, from Shine Louise Houston to Lorelei Lee, who says she’s been in the business for 14 years. 14 years is a long time to be in a business and make no impact whatsoever. If she’s been in the business since 2000, she really is a non-factor. There were others like Ira Gardner, who apparently is a editor and some videographer named Joshua Diven who testified. Again, I have no idea who these people are. I’ve heard of Jake Jacobs. I’ve heard of Francois Clousot. I’ve heard of Eli Cross. None of these people were there. Actually, it’s probably a good thing Eli Cross wasn’t there. He probably would’ve yelled and insulted the members of the Assembly like he did in 2011 at the meeting with Cal/OSHA and the industry.

From 2011 and before, we could have been working with these people to come up with a solution and enacted guidelines that could have prevented what happened Wednesday. Instead, we let Eli Cross and others act like animals at Cal/OSHA meetings and tell them to stay out of our business. That’s not how you get things done with state officials and politicians, because they have the power to knock the legs right out from under you. Now here we are, with the business at its weakest state having no power other than to comply with regulations that the state will set up for us.

We dragged our feet for years and shit on the people who were trying to work with us and when we had the opportunity to voice our concerns before the Assembly, we presented them with a troupe of freakshow nobody morons. People like Mo Reese, Lorelei Lee, Amber Chase. Attorney Karen Tynan, who told the committee that the industry was going to pack up and leave the state and that several companies already have, including a company that does 25 million dollars a year. What company? That she doesn’t mention.

Politicians stretch the truth. They fudge the numbers. We all know that. They’ll say 9 million when it’s really 10 and they get called on the carpet for it. But they usually don’t just flat out lie about something that’s easily proven wrong. To say that a company worth 25 million has left California is a lie. Karen Tynan doesn’t state who that company is because she knows it’s a lie. If she were delivering sworn testimony she would be facing charges of perjury. The only company who is even in that ballpark is Manwin, but they don’t count because they are based overseas. They are not a California-based company.

Hustler might be worth 25 million, but I haven’t seen them set up shop out of state. Larry Flynt’s trying to figure out how to open more casinos, because that’s where he makes his money these days. I still see the Vivid building occupied when I drive past it on the 101. So who is the 25 million dollar company that has left the state of California Karen Tynan? You can’t answer that question because you know it’s not true. At the height of the industry’s profitability back in the 90’s and early 2000’s companies weren’t pulling in 25 million. Do you realize how much money that is? It’s over 2 million a month. If there were companies bringing in 2 mil a month, I doubt they would be grumbling about paying for talent testing.

Karen Tynan says a 25 million dollar a year company has left California. She says it’s a “mid-sized” company. If this is a mid-sized company, what would she consider a large company? 50 million? 100 million? This just shows you how completely clueless the people are who were sent to Sacramento to speak for our industry. It showed the legislators that our industry is completely full of shit.

Lorelei Lee stepped up and and presented the committee with a petition with over 500 performer signatures and a statement from APAC, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. I find this laughable, considering at APAC’s last meeting, the two faces of the organization Chanel Preston and Jessica Drake weren’t even in attendance. Jessica Drake was in Toronto and Chanel Preston was “Catalina bound.” Neither of them were at the hearing Wednesday either. Not only that, but if you go to the APAC website to read their mission statement or make a donation, you’ll find that the buttons are defunct. Any Assembly member who might’ve wanted some information on this group would’ve been shit outta luck. Lorelei Lee presented a statement to the California State Assembly from an organization that essentially doesn’t exist.

Another lie Lorelei Lee told the committee is that performers are required to test for a battery of STDs every 10 days. Every 10 days. That is a lie. There is not anyone who requires a test every 10 days. Axel Braun just instituted a 7 day testing policy along with condoms. Everyone else tests every 14 days and some only every 30 days. Derek Hay and LATATA, who claim to represent 70% of the talent in the business says that their talent is fine with 30 day old tests. Performers being required to test every 10 days is a lie. Lorelei Lee, you are a liar. If you were sworn in before your testimony you would have been charged with perjury. You made our industry look bad. You claim to want to help the industry, but when you make false claims you hurt the industry.

Lee then says that APAC has physicians on an advisory board. Another lie. Who is on the APAC medical advisory board? Explain that to me, Lorelei Lee. We can’t find out who they are from APAC’s broken website, that’s for sure.

She says, “But I want to make it very clear that performers have a lot of power in terms of enforcing this testing protocol…” Yet another bullshit statement. Lorelei Lee, your lies are condemning this business. If performers had any power enforcing anything, explain to me how the Mr. Marcus and Alex Gonz episodes were allowed to occur? Not to mention John Stagliano, who performs with talent without disclosing his HIV status and has a girlfriend in the business named Sheena Shaw who has sex with him and she has sex with members of the talent pool?

Lee also says:

“And we have also a coalition of agencies; our agents work in our behalf as well, so we do have a lot of power in that situation.”

Derek Hay backed up Alex Gonz when it was exposed that he worked with hepatitis C. How is it that agents work for performers’ behalf? How is it that performers have all this power and performers can’t work around the system? Alex Gonz worked around the system for three years, with the cooperation of his agent and with PASS. Mr. Marcus worked around the system, to the point of infecting several girls with syphilis.

Lorelei Lee, your misinformed mouth is doing more to hurt this business than any legislator ever could. Instead of actually facing these issues and talking about how we can solve the problems that exist, you spew lies and Eli Cross screams at Cal/OSHA to leave us alone.

Now let’s talk about the most blatant lie of all. The “condom rash” bullshit. She says: “Condoms are made for use in people’s personal lives where personal encounters last on average 10 minutes or so. On sets, the physical interactions that we have on set in order to produce a scene often go on for up to two hours. That’s two hours of friction which is increased by using a condom, and performers have experienced something which we call ‘condom rash,’ which is small cuts and tears which can then increase our exposure to other STIs in our private lives when we’re interacting with people who don’t use the rigorous tests that we use in the industry.”

First of all, she’s telling the members that performers fuck untested people in their private lives without condoms who are infested with STIs. They shouldn’t use a condom on set because these disease ridden people are more likely to give them their disease if they use them. Does that make any sense? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use condoms on AND off set? If they are not using condoms off set, shouldn’t they definitely be using them on set? Makes sense to me. The Assembly seems to agree.

Plus, what sex scene has ever been shot that requires two hours of continuous penetration? Two hours. It doesn’t happen. If you are a director who requires two hours of continuous penetration for a scene, you shouldn’t be directing.

Also, I’d like to ask Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels or any girl who has worked for Wicked in the past 16 years about this condom rash problem and whether they have acquired any diseases as a result of it. As a matter of fact, I think Steve Orenstein did an interview recently where he stated that no one has EVER contracted a disease working for Wicked. Wicked Pictures is a case study that proves the condom rash problem that you say exists in porn is a complete myth.

I would like a poll of everyone who has ever worked with a condom in porn and have gotten an STD because of it. I would like to know if there is one single person that this has ever happened to. Just one. You can’t produce this person, Lorelei Lee, because that person doesn’t exist. I’ll bet Jessica Drake will say it never fucking happened. I’ll bet Stormy Daniels will say it never fucking happened.

Where do you get your condom rash information from, Lorelei Lee? The cesspool of filth in the industry? The same company where girls get staph infections from the gym mats during the shooting of Ultimate Surrender? The same company that knowingly hires talent with hepatitis C? The same company that allows a scene to continue after a performer has cut his penis and has a bleeding wound, as with what happened with Xander Corvus and Cameron Bay?

Lorelei Lee, when you present nothing but lies and misinformation to the committee and Eli Cross yells and insults people at Cal/OSHA, the state has no other option but to act the way they do.

This biggest 9000 pound gorilla in the room is this: If condoms cause so much lost revenue that companies are forced to move out of state to avoid using them, how is it that Wicked is a large a company as they are and are still going strong today? Why have they not gone out of business years ago? Can somebody please explain that to me? I can name company after company that have never used a condom, from Red Light District to Anabolic who have gone out of business or are not producing new content. Yet, Wicked Pictures is still going strong and they have been condom only since 1998.

Even Porno Dan. This fucking retard is using condoms and still making money. He releases new product every week and employs talent all the time. He employs more people than studios that have been around forever and he uses rubbers.

The 9000 pound gorilla is Wicked Pictures and Porno Dan using condoms and still making money. Either everyone else in the business is completely stupid and incompetent or they’re lying about condoms hurting sales. Which one is it? Bueller? Bueller?

Let’s wind this down.

The Assembly heard from Ira Gardner. Who is Ira Gardner? He’s an editor who says forcing condoms will make producers move out of state and it will fuck up his business. How is that? What about Wicked’s editors? Or Porno Dan’s? Are you not as good as them? Ira whoever you are, why would an editor need to move because a producer does? You edit. You push buttons and cut and paste. You edit files that can be sent from an FTP or by FedEx. The business could move to China and you could still edit movies, dummy.

Amber Chase (who?) says that perhaps movies should have disclaimers to tell the public about safe sex and wearing condoms rather than performers wearing them. Amber, we’ve done this for years, but you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been in the business long enough. That fact alone should disqualify you from talking to the committee because you don’t know what you’re talking about. She also says that as a small producer she can’t afford to pay for peoples’ tests like a larger company could. If you can’t afford to keep your performers safe, you shouldn’t be in the business. That’s like a small restaurant saying we can’t refrigerate our food like the big restaurants do, so the health department shouldn’t make us.

Another nobody videographer Joshua Diven testified and asked which company should pay for tests when the performer works for 12 different companies a month. Josh, your job is to point a camera and make sure you’re in focus. What business is it of yours who pays for what? Companies like Wicked will pay for the tests. Companies you’re apparently not good enough to shoot for.

Wrapping it up is everybody’s favorite cum-towel-boy-not-really-sure-what-else-he-does-in-the-business jerk off Mo Reese. Mo says: ““This bill is an invasion of privacy for performers and it is also an unfair burden upon the performers that actually create their own content, that own their own small businesses, including performers that have their own websites, independent clip sale stores, things like that; people that actually shoot in the privacy of their own homes that will honestly be forced, because they are a business, they are making a profit off pornography, they will be forced to use condoms.””

Mo, not letting people spray jizz on each other is not an invasion of privacy. He talks about an unfair burden on smaller producers, like Amber Chase did. Why is it fair for Wicked Pictures to pay but not Mo Reese’s Cum Towel Boy Productions? Why shouldn’t Cum Towel Boy Productions pay? So if you’re a small company you shouldn’t have to play by the same rules as a big company? Your argument before the committee is you shouldn’t have to adhere to the same standards because you’re not as big a company as Wicked. Stick to mopping jizz, son. Leave the porn business to the people who know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen, these people and the idiotic statements they made and the lack of participation by the big players in the business is why the industry is in the shape it’s in now. It has nothing to do with legislators or politicians. Isadore Hall wasn’t even on the scene when this whole debate started. It’s gotten this far because people like Eli Cross screamed at Cal/OSHA when they came to the table to work out solutions with the industry. All the people who just spew out lies and bullshit instead of reaching across the table and being reasonable with officials and advocates like Michael Weinstein are the reason that the business just got fucked.

Congratulations, porn industry. You have nothing but liars and ignorant motherfuckers speaking for you. You caused this.

The city and state came to you to work this out and you pissed in their faces and now you’re standing downwind and getting drenched.

Nice going, assholes. Betcha wish you had a raincoat now.

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