The Adult Industry Wants to Be Mainstream But It Doesn’t Want to Follow Regulations

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As Steve Buscemi says in Reservoir Dogs, “That’s the sound of the world’s smallest violin.” And this week it’s been playing Hungarian rhapsodies for Chanel Preston.

As I did this AM in my thoughts over the morning’s coffee meditation, Rob Black, posed basically the same conundrum about porn.

“We want to be legitimate, but we don’t want legislation,” said Black.

And that goes for condoms as well as bank accounts. Black pointed out that AVN, which has been ignoring the Manwin onslaught, decided to do a story about Preston’s trevails in trying to establish an account with City National Bank.

“Chanel, the bank has rules and procedures,” said Black.

“Banks don’t process Internet gambling, and that’s legal. Oh, you got your money from ill gotten gains? Denied. Oh, you’re a film actress? That means you’ve crossed state lines to have sex. That’s ill gotten gains. Application denied.

“Banks don’t accept butt fuck money,” Black pointed out.

“But our business thinks it’s above red flag rules. A loan officer goes the people in our bank don’t want porn. So how do you explain what you do when you open an account at a bank? ‘We’re independent contractors who work in the adult film business.’ Let’s see. That means you’re prostitutes. We don’t give loans to prostitutes. How do you argue that?

“You people hate the truth. You want to be legitimate, but you don’t want regulation. Do you want to be legitimate or not? Money gotten from ill gotten gains is illegal, and the bank can deny you.”

Black suspected that people in America have no sympathy for Preston when they’re denied loans because of race, etc. ‘Oh Mr. Gotti you work for a plumbing company, and you’re not a gangster? You work for the Ginko Olive Oil Co?’

“Argue with the Latinos who can’t even get out of a car in Arizona without being shot at.”

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