The AVN Takeover of Erotica LA; The Full Story Has Never Been Told

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Bill Margold comments on the story I wrote the other night about Darren Roberts and his part in the great Erotica LA heist, when AVN literally yanked that show out from under the ownership of attorney Ron Miller, aka Don Hollywood.

“Erotica LA was born in the summer of 1997,” recalls Margold. “Ron Miller put it together and it was The Palladium the first year. [Subsequent years found it at the LA Convention Center.]

“I thought, what a happy, good natured, trouble-making event. Anita Cannibal was there with me, and I was given a very nice booth to raise money for Free Speech. I sort of tried to behave. There was all kinds of stuff going on. Finally nudity abounded and we sort of got shut down near the end and got in a lot of trouble.”

[A stink was raised one year when Alicia Klass got arrested.]

Margold remembers having a chat with Miller, predicting that within three years AVN would steal the show from him. Which they did.

“He said, ‘absolutely not. Nobody tells me what to do. I’m in charge of my own destiny.’ They took his child away, literally. It was a takeover. There were certain things he intimidated that he was threatened that if he didn’t give it up, he was done in more ways than one.”

Adding insult to injury, Miller/Hollywood had to put up with a lot of AVN’s crap. Fact is he was blackballed from the pages of the magazine. Excuse me, editorial discretion was exercised.

Miller/Hollywood was subsequently involved in litigation with AVN when presented with basically no other choice but to sell Erotica LA. In turn Miller attempted to start up another adult show. When he did that Miller was served with papers. After which he was told that his name would not appear in the magazine based on the fact he breached a non-compete clause.

My question in all of this, is, how does a lawyer get hornswoggled like that?

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