The AVN/Manwin Connection; Porn’s Unanswered Questions

We’ve been talking about AVN quite a bit lately. Guess what? We’re gonna talk about them again.

It’s been a week since Smash Pictures put out a press release announcing that they were going all condom and sales haven’t suffered. A week has gone by and AVN still hasn’t reported on it. XBIZ did, but AVN did not. Usually when a company puts out a press release, you will see it on all the various news sites. Case in point: a press release that came out announcing Kelly Shibari as host of the Storerotica Awards. This press release appeared on both AVN and XBIZ.

Now, I’ve never heard of the Storerotica Awards, but I can’t imagine they’re that important, because out of all the adult performers that are relevant or just pleasant to look at, Kelly Shibari is about as low as they come. Kinda like getting Rumer Willis to host your show. You wanna talk about a D list, Kelly Shibari is Z list. The Storerotica Awards will be held in a couple weeks at the ANME Founders show in Burbank. ANME is a novelty show where all the toy companies, lube companies, fake sex pill companies and their customers all get to together and get drunk and bang whores.

So a press release went out about the Storerotica Awards. Kelly Shibari hosting a show nobody gives a shit about is news worthy of coverage in both AVN and XBIZ, but Smash Pictures going all condom is not. I thought it was funny and was indicative of what a piece of shit AVN has become.

I also find it funny that people still won’t admit that AVN is owned by Manwin. Think about this. When Manwin was going around buying up all these companies, Paul Fishbein was in debt up to his eyeballs. He needed some type of score. The only entity that could come up with the scratch was Manwin. If you think about it, it was a smart move by Manwin to buy what was considered the industry voice and the bible of the adult business, which also had the gold standard of awards shows. It was a way to control the message. He who controls the media controls it all.

I don’t see why anyone would question that Manwin would buy AVN. For a whale like Manwin, AVN would be the first logical choice to purchase. They would have the propaganda wing of the adult business. When everybody was shitting on Manwin, they now had a way to put out positive pieces and promote entities that they want to promote. When you see AVN/Manwin picking and choosing what they want to report, it’s even more telling. Promoting condoms is something that AVN/Manwin does not want to do. They are huge supporters of Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke and were huge donors in the Measure B fight. Manwin even donated the blood testing machines of Cutting Edge Testing.

Manwin came in and controlled AVN, the testing facility and they controlled the lobbying group of the industry. But the problem that they encountered was something they couldn’t help. They’re foreigners who didn’t know the business and they were given wrong information and they got stuck with garbage. They put all their eggs in the basket of Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition and got rotten smelly eggs. They got stuck with the rotten smelly eggs of Cutting Edge and of what was left of AVN after Fishbein left. When you are stuck with Mark Kernes you know you’re in trouble. If AVN was a thriving enterprise and he wasn’t in so much debt, Paul Fishbein never would’ve sold it. He definitely didn’t move on to greener pastures. What’s left at AVN are people who collect a paycheck and hope nobody notices how inept they are. Mark Kernes sits in the basement with his stapler and writes the most ignorant pointless stories which are about 70% easily proven lies. Everybody associated with AVN are just really incompetent now. There’s a feeling of everyone just skating by on borrowed time.

The only thing that still works somewhat is the show in Vegas. But as you see, every year that show becomes more and more obsolete. It’s become more and more of a train wreck that doesn’t benefit any of the studios that are left, because the amount of money that they lay out to go there they never get back. There was a time when you would spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to the convention and you could write your orders with the big distributors and not only pay for your trip, but go home with enough money to pay your rent for a year. That doesn’t happen anymore and everybody knows it. Everybody knows there isn’t anything going on at the show. So every year you see what happens. It gets smaller and smaller. The only ones left are the toy manufacturers and dick cream makers and nipple oil salesmen.

Anyone who has been in the business for any length of time knows that the show today is worth nothing. Anyone who thinks it is a big deal now are so new that they think any order they get from a customer they didn’t have before is worth it. In their brain it’s worth it. But ultimately, a straight up video manufacturer gets nothing out of the show. They lay out money so a bunch of girls can sign autographs at their booth and the girls hand out escort cards. That’s it.

AVN is basically a tax write off for Manwin. They’re not making any money. When you look at the magazine now, who the fuck is paying for ads anymore? Nobody. There’s no way they’re taking in enough to make a profit. No fucking way. Manwin is big enough to where they need things to write off and wash. Remember, we’re talking about a company that is rooted in piracy and questionable credit card practices. They need to incorporate into the American tax structure, show losses etc. That is what AVN is for. There is no way that they are legitimately turning a profit. If Manwin pulled the plug tomorrow, the adult industry as we know it would be done. The only thing that would be left is XBIZ, which really is a johnny-come-lately internet based magazine with no real history in the business. The XBIZ Awards are The American Music Awards to AVN’s Oscars.

There was a time in our business when Vivid would have a huge booth at the Expo in Vegas with a bunch of girls signing autographs for fans who would wait in a line that would stretch across the convention floor. Larry Flynt used to signs autographs at the Hustler booth and get a huge crowd. Those things aren’t there anymore. That’s a huge setback.

I predicted that the AVN show wouldn’t last another year, but they’ve already started to sell tickets.The awards show is hosted by Alexis Texas and Tommy Pistol, odd choices to be sure. Alexis Texas has kinda dropped off the map after her Adam and Eve contract ended and Tommy Pistol, who I put on the map when I cast him in Taxi Driver XXX as Travis Bickle, has now been relegated to being a bukkake boy in Jennifer White’s 50 man anal cream pie gang bang for $75 dollars.

That’s AVN. That’s Manwin. And that is who puts out a Kelly Shibari party hosting press release instead of Smash Pictures’ condom announcement. But what do you expect? I’m still waiting for Mark Kernes to tell us who is this $30 dollar company who has been welcomed to Vegas with open arms. You would think that the regime who is threatening to move and take their billions of dollars of tax revenue with them would want people to know who this company is. Why are they keeping it a secret? I’ll tell you why. They’re keeping it a secret because there is no company. It’s a hot air bluff put out by the propaganda minister of AVN/Manwin Mark Kernes aka Baghdad Bob.

It’s funny, Mark Kernes was never given this much power when Paul Fishbein was in charge. He would write reviews and do on the set pieces. Much of the legal stuff came from actual lawyers like Clyde DeWitt. Mark Kernes would sit on a porn set in the corner reporting on a starlet’s first anal. Mark Kernes was never tasked to give legal opinions. He’s a jerk off. He sells comic books at the Shrine Auditorium on Sundays. You wanna hang out with Mark Kernes? Go to the Shrine and talk to him about his great editorials.

So we’ll wait to hear about the $30 million dollar company. We’ll wait for the answers while Mark Kernes tells us that Mr. Marcus didn’t give anyone syphilis. We’re still waiting for answers on Sheena Shaw. Still haven’t gotten an answer about the state of her health. A lot of things are going on at Evil Angel right now. They have a new general manager named Rick Porras, who used to be with Metro. Christian Mann was at Metro as well as salesman Justin Rich. All of these people shifted over from Metro to Evil Angel. It’s kind amusing. All of these people who couldn’t make Metro run successfully ended up at Evil Angel. Maybe Rick Porras could answer the questions about Sheena Shaw. If you go to her agency website at LAX Models, she is listed as not available. Why is that? Why has Sheena Shaw retired? I’m gonna keep asking the question. A woman who was a star at Evil Angel suddenly and without explanation drops off the map.

These are the questions I have. I’m gonna keep asking them until I get answers. If somebody could help us out, it would be appreciated. I gotta imagine that in the coming days, the Sheena Shaw mystery will be solved. I gotta imagine the Mark Kernes $30 million dollar company mystery will be solved as well.

I’ll be waiting. But I won’t be holding my breath.

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