The Blatt Brothers vs. AVN

Kevin Blatt writes on I think if enough people email paul or darren over at AVN and express their disappointment in them for putting a pregnant woman who made them millions of dollars through hell -maybe they will see the big picture

FACT-My brother and and Jennifer are more revered and loved than AVN.

Fact-My brother throws the biggest and best party at the Internet tradeshows.

FACT-My sister in law made the owners of AVN Magazine very wealthy over the course of 8 yrs, and hardly took any vacation days.

FACT-AVN owes my sister in law a shitload of money and it wasn’t paid upon her departure- hence violating employment laws.

FACT- They terminated her contract that was in effect until 2006 FOR NO APPARENT REASON

FACT- Jennifer was the highest paid employee in this business hands down and was on point to earn over $500,000 this year.

FACT- MOBBUCKS.COM is the best company I have repped in a long time

FACT- will never advertise in AVN magazine but does LOVE their placement in XBIZWORLD THIS MONTH!!!

FACT- I always shoot straight from the hip- fuck with this bull or this bull’s family and you will get the horns-

FACT- No matter how much they try to spin this, and they will ( hi Aly) There is only so much they will tell their own employees about their abhorrent behavior and pattern of lies and deception.

in a second post Blatt states: “PS those of you who know my brother know he is the most diplomatic and approachable guy in the biz, hands down.

My brother is a true gentleman and even offered to settle with Mr. Fishbein in an amicable discussion months ago that went nowhere- I think that speaks volumes about a guy who literally spent the last year seeing his wife crying and upset everyday. I think enough is enough already.

I personally believe that Paul Fishbein no longer is the owner of the company I believe it’s his scumbag ( bad cop) Darren Roberts orchestrating this nonsense

PAy Jen the $$$ you owe her already and settle this lawsuit- It can only help AVN’s business, If they do not wish to settle then I know my brother will have a field day publishing the notes of their arbitration. AND I KNOW FOR FACT there is some salacious, juicy , factual stuff that will be coming up.

D-Money posts:Here’s a little more insight.

Normally I keep quiet on things like this, but the truth needs to be out there. I’m sick and tired of the bullshit.


Kimberly Wilbur was friends with Jennifer Rosenblatt (former AVN Senior VP and my wife) since they were in high school. Jen hired Kimberly to be her sales rep.

Farley Cahen was like family to me, our family’s are close and we were also friends through high school back in Cleveland. I gave Farley a weeks worth of training about the internet hoping to have Farley work with my Marketing Firm, then he took my knowledge and started a Belly Ring website instead of working with me. Not a big deal, I don’t mind helping friends learn the game and it was only a weeks worth of knowledge.

AVN wanted me to be their internet marketing guy, however, I’m my own company and couldn’t be an in house employee, so I recommended Farley and vouched for him. I sat in a meeting with AVN and Farley and helped get him that job. My wife also pulled some weight on that as well.

Farley and Kimberly had an affair while both working for AVN. Farley was a part of conspiring against Jen, Jen eventually got fired without cause.

Farley now changed departments from Internet to Publisher and Sales Manager and now holds Jen’s job and works out of her former office. AVN would never give Jen the title of Publisher or even Associate Publisher for that matter but somehow from holding an internet division position Farley is more qualified then Jen to be a Publisher and Sales Manager of a print magazine?

Oh yeah, Kimberly now works under the same guy that she was sleeping with.

I do not place the full blame on Farley and Kimberly since it took Darren Roberts and Paul Fishbein to come up with the departure of Jennifer, but they had their hands in it no doubt.

Funny that they didn’t promote a women from inside of their department. Sure does look like a true boys club over there in my humble little opinion. One that rewards those who sleep with their employees.

I can go on and on, but thought this little story is worthy of a chat board named, “Go Fuck Yourself”.

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