The Bride is a Dope: Long Island bride says ‘I sue’ over racy pics posted online

from – A blushing bride got her panties in a bunch after wedding-day snapshots of her in a pair of unmentionables popped up on a Web site.

Sara Bostwick is suing the high-society wedding photographer who she says drove her to posttraumatic stress disorder by snapping racy pictures before her wedding – and posting the “offending photographs” online.

The Long Island woman’s September 2008 wedding was photographed by Christian Oth Studio photographer Carolyn Monastra, who Bostwick says was told not to not take pictures while the bride was putting on her wedding gown.

“Monastra took photographs of plaintiff’s person in her underwear and in various stages of undress anyway,” says the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Two months after the wedding, Bostwick’s husband found the pictures on the Web site of Christian Oth Studio.

The suit says the studio agreed to take down the pictures – only to leave them where those with an access code could peek.

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