The Cameron Bay Genealogy; Questions Need to Be Asked

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In questions of HIV transmission, you always got to ask who gave it to whom. In the case of Marc Wallice you talk about who Wallice infected, but who infected Wallice?

That answer has never been determined. It was always assumed that Marc Wallice got HIV from doing the needle. But look who he was sharing the needle with- Sharon Mitchell.

Mitchell admitted to it in the book The Other Hollywood, and months ago I wrote a piece speculating that Mitchell also had HIV. But who would have questioned Mitchell. She ran AIM, and who tests the tester? But when you look at the history of AIM and the fact that money disappeared, is it possible that the money went for medication? Just a thought.

Darren James. Oh, he gave it to Lara Roxx and got HIV from a tranny in Brazil. That’s the convenient story. But no one wants to accede to the fact that James worked with Roxx up in Canada two months before he was known to have tested positive. Roxx was a needle user and a hooker, and the shoot she and James did in Canada was for Devils Film. The same Devils Film that scheduled a 50 man anal cream pie gangbang right in the middle of an HIV outbreak.

Which now makes the origin of Cameron Bay’s infection more important than ever to determine. Cameron tested negative for HIV July 27th. She worked with Xander Corvus for on July 31st.

Bay in an interview with Amber Lynn last week said a girlfriend had told her that Alex Gonz was Hep C positive. Cameron had worked with Gonz and freaked out at this information. She went to test again and that’s when she came up HIV positive.

So now you ask yourself, did Cameron Bay get HIV from Alex Gonz, who is nowhere to be found to answer questions, OR did she get it on the set at Did someone on that set give it to Cameron?

Xander Corvus, her partner in the Public Disgrace shoot, tested right after that shoot and told AVN he tested negative. But these tests are not foolproof. The CDC has told us this no matter what Dr. Diane Duke claims about the effectiveness of super tests.

In hindsight, just as Cameron Bay’s test on July 27th might not have been foolproof, can you imagine people in this business going by a current test that tells them they’re safe to work but are probably nursing an incubating AIDs virus?

That’s why this industry needs to shut down for a couple of months to sort this thing out. But you know that won’t happen, and because it won’t, porn is not even an employment consideration at this point.

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