The Curse Of John Stagliano And The Evil Empire

Our last posting was about the domestic terrorist known as John Stagliano. Check it out, it’s a fascinating read. It talks about the lives destroyed by Osama bin Buttman and the Al Qaeda equivalent, The Evil Empire. Al Qaeda inflicted massive amounts of damage to our country. Even though President Obama has wiped them off the map, there are still a few straggling pieces of shit here and there that we pick off with a drone. But John Stagliano remains, wreaking terror and destruction on the adult business.

The United States of Rob Black has been waging a war against this sonofabitch for the past year and a half and we have been making great strides. We have taken back the strongholds that Al Qaeda Stagliano has managed to attack. We haven’t eradicated this terrorist yet, but we will continue to wage this war. We got him on the run.

Next week Katie Summers was supposed to be engaged in a deposition with bin Buttman, but we received notification from his Taliban lawyer Paul Cambria. Cambria and Stagliano want to postpone the deposition for the third time. So the engagement will proceed next month. We have been mounting offenses and have made great progress in eradicating this Evil tyrant. Next month the mother of all battles will begin if it is not postponed yet again by this weakened enemy of the people.

The article we posted yesterday discussed all the comrades who met their demise working for the Evil Empire. The body count is high and will continue to grow. A soldier by the name of Christian Mann is not doing too well. He was the general manger of Evil Angel. He’s been battling horrible cancer for a while, but has not yet succumbed to what we call the Curse of John Stagliano. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this fine man, his family and his friends. It’s sad to see the pain and suffering one has to go through fighting this terrible disease. Another cautionary tale to those who associate with the Evil Empire.

The company is pure poison. The company is pure Evil. Eventually the demons that surround that criminal organization will attack your body, your spirit and your mind. Rather cancer or a heart attack like that which struck down the great John Leslie, you will eventually succumb to the Evil.

I know I’ve said a lot of bad things about Christian Mann. But, at the end of the day, it wan’t his fault. He was just doing his job. Soldiers have to do what they have to do. During his tenure at the Evil Empire, he wasn’t a bad guy. He was caught up in collateral damage. It’s a shame because Christian Mann has always led his life as a good person. He’s always been a stand up guy.

Christian Mann was someone I was friends with before he got caught up in that terrorist organization known as Evil Angel and the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Buttman. Now that he is longer with Evil Angel and on his unfortunate journey onward, I can now reclaim him as a friend. Kinda like Luke Skywalker when he battled his father Darth Vader. At the end, as Darth Vader was lying there with his hand severed and gasping for air and said, “Luke my son. Take off my mask. I want to look at you with my own eyes.” And Luke Skywalker takes off the mask and Anakin looks at his son, not as a soldier of the Emperor, but as his father. Skywalker says, “I’m not gonna leave you. I’m gonna save you.” And Anakin looks at Luke and says, “You already have.”

This is Christian Mann. Because now Christian Mann can be saved. His spirit and conscience can now be saved. He can now pass on to the afterlife free from the clutches of The Evil Empire.

I can now look at Christian Mann as a friend. As such I will say a prayer for you. Where ever you go is better than where you were. Anything is better than living under the domestic terrorist and tyrant John Stagliano and the regime of Evil Angel.

So Christian Mann, for The Rob Black Show I say farewell my friend. Hope your journey is an easy one and you will find peace at last.

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